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July 12, 2018

Xiyu Lin

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Knowing that you had to probably shoot pretty low since you were first up in the morning wave, were you paying attention any to the leaderboard?
XIYU LIN: Not really, because last two weeks I didn't do really well, but I could see what I'm missing. So this week I've just been focusing on those little changes. It's not easy, so I didn't give myself any like goals or anything.

Q. Like you said, the scorecard looks great. What adjustments are you going to be making to prepare yourself for tomorrow's round?
XIYU LIN: So my approaching shot still could be better, because today it took me about 14 holes to figure out what I'm doing. Yeah, my up-and-down's have been great, but five birdies, I literally holed all the birdies I can hole. So hopefully tomorrow the irons can bring me more chances.

Q. Same golf course, different player, can you tell us what's the difference between your game from last year, when you shot 72, today 67. What is the difference?
XIYU LIN: Actually today when I'm playing I've been thinking about this as well. Like just looked at the course because last year this could be my most struggle time, and just the course looks a little different to me, and I just feel like I'm a kind of different person. So different mindset.

I mean, I wasn't great today, but those putting, those up-and-downs made me feel like I do improve a lot from the last year.

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