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July 12, 2018

Jacqui Concolino

Toledo, Ohio

Q. How critical after the great round you had to sink that putt on 9 to finish it up?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: Yeah, anytime you have a par putt on the last hole, it means a lot. Having had a really solid round all day and to keep it together with a nice par save, it's very satisfying.

Q. Couple weeks ago you had a good tournament. Do you feel that you can play well this week and make some money?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: Yeah, absolutely. I'm just trying to play the best I can, and if it puts me in a good position to win a golf tournament at the end of the week or on the back nine Sunday, then I'm looking forward to the opportunity. So I'm playing some good golf recently, and hopefully keep it going.

Q. What part of your game is clicking, everything or something?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: I think more mental. I've been staying a lot more calm on the golf course recently which has been good for me. That's one thing. And then just continuing to work on putting and course management, especially on a golf course like this.

Q. Tell us about your round in general today. Of course the great putt on the end, but just overall?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: I just hit a lot of greens. I think that's the first time I chipped other than a par-5 today on the last hole. So just really solid, easy, not really much grinding. So just did everything pretty good today, which is nice.

Q. You mentioned being more calm on the golf course. Have you worked on anything specifically in your downtime to improve that or has it just kind of happened over time?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: I don't know. Definitely a couple beers calmed me down a little bit. I don't know. I just have fun with all my friends back home, I love playing golf with them, and I just try to take that attitude when I'm playing with them out here on tour. I have a great team around me out here, so that's what I'm trying to do on the golf course.

Q. I know it's been a couple years since you've had a memorable round here. What do you like about this place after a strong start today?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: I really like tree-lined golf courses for some reason, even though I might hit out of them a little too much. I don't know. It just shapes the holes nicely. Hitting shots into the greens, you have to be creative to get it close sometimes is. It really takes me out of like a swing thought or swing oriented golf and more hitting golf shots.

Q. Tell us about the fan reception here. This is always a fun tournament to play in.
JACQUI CONCOLINO: Yeah, it is. The fans here are incredible. I have a host family that comes out and a bunch of other people from Highland Meadows members to Brandywine and Inverness guys, so this is definitely a fun week. I love the back nine on Sunday here, especially when you're playing good. People are having a good time, I can tell you that one.

Q. We're here with Jacqui Concolina who sits tied atop the leaderboard with a nice 5-under round. Clutch putt there on your final hole to secure that. Tell us about your round today.
JACQUI CONCOLINO: It was just solid overall from start to finish. Hit a lot of greens and a lot of fairways today. Made a few nice putts, and the putt on the last was very satisfying. Keeping a good round together on the last hole is always a nice one.

Q. Tell us about the crowds that come out here, and everyone talks about the Marathon Classic being one of their favorite stops on tour. Does that kind of help drive your success?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: Yeah, absolutely. The Marathon Classic has been a great partner for the LPGA. They do a lot for the community and for charity. So it's nice to see all these people out here, especially on a Thursday. I mean, it's a beautiful summer week, so why not come out and watch.

Q. Taking it back to the golf course really quick, how do you then follow up tomorrow with hopefully another round to get you through the weekend?
JACQUI CONCOLINO: Just continue to stay calm on the golf course and stick to my game plan and do what I do best. You know, you just have to see where that puts you at the end of the day. If I put another low round up, then so be it, if not, then we'll move on to Saturday and see what we can do then.

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