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July 11, 2018

Lizzie Win Pinya Pipatjarasgit

Toledo, Ohio

Q. From Saint Ursula Academy, Lizzie Win and Pinya Pipatjarasgit, first of all, to both of you, welcome.
LIZZIE WIN: Thank you.


Q. This absolutely blew my mind on Monday. After the qualifier you two (Indiscernible). You can't write a Hollywood script like this. Let's go back to Monday night when Judd told you you were playing in this for real and let's pick it up from there?
PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Well, I was at home. I was getting ready to have some people over, Lizzie and some of my friends to come over. Just to have a good time, eat some food, go swimming maybe. And my dad was like, hey, come downstairs, Judd Silverman is on the phone for you. And I was like, okay. And I get to the phone, and he was like, How did you play today? You played pretty well, right? And I said, yeah, I played all right. He said, actually, I have something else to tell you. I was like, okay?

And he said I have a sponsors exemption for you, and for Lizzie too, would you take it? I was speechless. I had no idea what to say. I asked him like, is this a joke? And he said, No, why would I joke about this? Would you like the spot? And I was like, Absolutely, yes, yes.

My whole family was there, and we were all ecstatic. And then I called my caddie who was actually here. And I was like, Hey, I'm in the tournament (indiscernible).

LIZZIE WIN: So, yeah, I basically had a similar story to hers. Just resting when I got home from the day, and I got a call from Judd. He basically said the same thing. He was like, If I give you a sponsors exemption in the tournament, would you take it? 100%, yes, I would. That's incredible. He's like, I'm giving you one. And he said I'm giving Pinya one too.

And I was like, this is incredible, thank you so much. Ran downstairs. My parents were leaving for Pinya's house. Ran downstairs, opened the door, and I was like, I got a sponsors exemption into the tournament. And my mom was like, Oh, my God. That's incredible.

So we left, we went to (indiscernible) house, and I pulled up to Pinya, and Pinya comes running to my car, and was like, Oh, my God. Yes. So it's been really, really cool to have this opportunity, especially with her, since we grew up playing high school golf together as well as junior golf.

Q. I have about 50 questions for the both of you. I'm not going to -- some of the national press are here today, and I'm sure they have questions as well. But both of you grew up on this course. You know where every ant Hill is, where every bump, where every break of the green is, and I'm sure you're going to use that to your advantage. But, I want hard facts (Indiscernible). Okay, you placed in the Top 10. You placed in the Top 10. Most recently you're third in the State. Seeing Saint Ursula in the same tournament every year, people expect. That's the kind of competition you played in high school for both of you. How is that (Indiscernible)?
PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: I felt like my coach, Jimmy Allen, who is an excellent coach, really provided us (Indiscernible) to get to where we are today. And I really think that his coaching and also just playing on the team really prepared me. I wouldn't be where I am today without him.

LIZZIE WIN: Yeah, basically same thing, you know. (Indiscernible) even past that, still contact them, let them know what's going on. I get a text every now and then, congrats. And basically, he just prepared us really well for this, I think. We also had one of the most competitive schedules as a high school golf team. We were always traveling to Columbus, Cincinnati, even here, playing the best teams, and we had the best competition. I think, going into college, at least for me, that prepared me extremely well and I am grateful to have him as a coach.

Q. In your case, six weeks ago you get your high school diploma. The ink isn't even dry. Did you have any inkling at all that -- I know playing professional golf was always there for you, but that this would come to fruition this early?
PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Honestly, I did not think any of this would happen this summer. Well, I talked to my parents a lot like before the summer, and they were like you're already in college. Just go out there and play your game. And honestly, this summer has been definitely one of the best summers of my life. It's definitely helped that I just graduated high school, and (Indiscernible) in high school and college.

So I've just been playing very relaxed. Just trying to play my best, you know. So just getting this opportunity to play in this tournament before I even start college is just amazing. I am so thankful that I was given a spot, and so thankful that I get to play along side Lizzie who I've been friends with for so long. We're basically like sisters. And it's just so, so cool.

Q. My last question for you, I obviously know that Brittany Lincicome has been a huge, huge influence on your golfing career. I watched her play for years and watched her eagle 18 last year. Well, guess what, now she's your competition. That's got to be different. You've seen this your whole life. You've already put all the pieces together.
LIZZIE WIN: Yeah, it's funny. When you talk about it. I didn't think back and I was seeing her there, and I was trying to (Indiscernible) and watching her. And she's always been one of my role models growing up. Going to college I had this golf experience under my belt, and I had almost a gut instinct that actually I'd get to play in a tournament like this.

Now that she's here and I'm here and we're competing, I wouldn't say it's a bad competition between the two of us, it's good fun. We get along well. We played in the practice round yesterday, all three of us. It was really cool. Her mindset too, she's pretty chill on the golf course. I really like. We came home, got our nails done. Went to get some (indiscernible), and we don't talk about golf at home. Just out here, it's good golf, good fun.

Q. Lizzie, I believe you'll be a junior this fall at Seton Hall University, and two-time selection (Indiscernible) and Pinya you'll be attending Brown University in Ohio in the fall. (Indiscernible)?
PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: It's going to be an incredible moment. Yesterday playing in the practice round, my caddie who is a friend of mine, he was here as well. We were walking around inside the ropes and we were like, this is kind of weird. But it's also really, really cool, because just we've been watching since we were little, and now to be able to be inside the ropes and be able to play, that's just amazing. And yeah, I guess tomorrow it will be really real. Like I feel like this is like a dream that's happening. Tomorrow I will feel like it will hit me.

Q. What do you aspire to do this week? What do you look to take away from the experience?
LIZZIE WIN: Well, I think this week my goal is just to play the best I can and hopefully make the cut. I've watched people play here my entire life, and I think it's a very doable goal for both of us to make the cut. Basically, I can only take positives out of this and getting to play professionals and realize that we're both good enough to compete at this level in the future after college.

PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Yeah, I feel the same as Lizzie. I'm just going to play the best I can, hopefully I make the cut, but we'll see. I just think playing the first two days, it's just a great experience for me. Like Lizzie said, you can only take away positives from this.

Q. Both of you step on to the tee on Thursday, what do you think this is going to do for junior golf?
LIZZIE WIN: I think it's going to do so much. It already has done a lot. Obviously, both of us have been on social media promoting how we're playing the event. There have been a lot of news articles about it, and that's already drawing so many people into this. And I hope that young girls can look up to us, like girls that want to play junior golf at Saint Ursula, just like how I looked up to Brittany. I looked up to the girls at Saint Ursula that have gone on to play college. And I hope we can do for them what they did for us.

PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Yeah, both Lizzie and I started out playing in the Unites States Golf Association tournaments, and of course in this area here, and Inverness, and the Country Club. I hope that young girls playing in those tournaments, or any young girls playing from Saint Ursula, and now they can look to us and say I can do that. I can get there too.

Q. Can you talk about how you played together when you were little and you're basically sisters, and you've grown up playing together and played in high school together. So you were teammates then, and now you get to share this at the same time. What's that like? How does it make this experience more special?
LIZZIE WIN: I've been telling people basically, it's twice as much fun because there's two of us. She's literally my sister. We get that we look alike all the time. Like recently we've done a lot together. We go to the movies together, we play rounds together for practice. And we do a lot together over the summer. So.

Just getting to see, at least for me, being the older of the two of us, get to see her grow up, two years younger than me is an incredible experience. I had two years of college under my belt. I'm excited to see where she goes after two years of college and see where she is and I am now. I think it's going to be a really, really cool experience for her and both me watching her progress.

PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Yeah, Lizzie and I have been really close, as she said. Ever since I started, when I met her I always looked up to Lizzie and she's been one of my role models. She's been like my big sister. She's shown me the way, and her parents have really helped me and my game a lot through the whole golf process, the recruiting process, all that stuff. It's really special to play in this tournament with her. I'm so glad that I get to share this whole experience with her.

Q. What about your parents, because they introduced you to golf at an early age?
PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. I started swinging the club when I was around three. My parents would play around here and I would just sit in the cart and just drive around and play a few holes. Just play in the grass and stuff. My dad really pushed me to practice and my grandpa too. They made me fall in love with this game, and realized that this was going to be a good sport for me.

LIZZIE WIN: Yeah, I had a similar experience growing up. My dad's a great golfer. My brother was a golfer. When we were kids I started swinging a golf club when I was three or four. Getting to watch my dad play, because he was an incredible golfer, still is really, really good. And I think it's really awesome getting that experience to go and play great golf courses.

Like we just played Pebble Beach together. That was an incredible experience that I can share with them. Checking it off the bucket list. I could only be like I'm speechless for how thankful I am for what they've given me throughout my entire golf experience.

Q. I know there are a lot of volunteers here running this tournament this week. This is huge for Toledo, and so huge for everyone. As a fan, I thank you so much for doing this today. Best of luck tomorrow, thank you for your time.
LIZZIE WIN: Thank you so much.

PINYA PIPATJARASGIT: Thank you so much.

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