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July 5, 2018

Whee Kim

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. So, the start of the round, you birdie four of your first five holes. How was that to jump start things and create this 62 that you were able to shoot a personal best on the PGA TOUR?
WHEE KIM: Actually, it wasn't my personal best score on the TOUR. I shot 9-under par a couple years ago in the Palm Springs in the second round or third round, something like that. Anyway, I had a really good start the first five holes. Started with four birdies in a row, and I was really comfortable with really good iron shots, and never missed birdie. So, yeah, I think I played really good for first round.

Q. Did you see a low round coming like this? Because last year you weren't able to stick around for the weekend. Last week you weren't able to play on the weekend, but you come here today and it seems like so much confidence, especially with the putter and on these greens today?
WHEE KIM: It was a little bumpy outside than it looks like. I just tried to roll my line, and like you said, I never played good -- I haven't played good on this golf course, so I'm always trying to do better every year and every day. So that was that today, and I putted good. I will try to keep it pretty much same as today for the rest of the week.

Q. How do you bring in the momentum from a phenomenal day like today and bring that for Friday and then going into the weekend?
WHEE KIM: Well, I just played very comfortably today. I didn't miss much. I missed a couple short putts first nine holes. Then birdies in a row. (Inaudible) so it was acceptable. Just played more comfortably, I'm not going to change anything if conditions are pretty much the same as this, I won't change, and I'll keep playing how I'm playing.

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