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July 4, 2018

Xander Schauffele

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome the defending champion of A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier, Xander Schauffele. Thank you for joining is us for a few minutes. I know it's good to be back here. This is kind of where your season got started last year, en route to the PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year honors. So with that, just a few comments on being back here at Greenbrier this week?

XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, it's awesome. Everyone out here has been really giving me a warm welcome, from staff to volunteers to just fans out on the course. So I think anytime you can come back to a place with good feels, it's always a good thing.

Q. You're enjoying a good season so far this year, four top 10s, including a second and third place finish. Just a few comments on your game as you're heading into the week?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, it's been -- it's obviously, it's weird. Last year I kind of finished with a boom. Obviously, with two wins. This year we're still searching for the first one. So I guess, like you said, it's not that bad of a year, but it just doesn't feel as good as we finished last. So I'm pretty hungry, and it's good to be back at a place I feel comfortable.

Q. Given that you're able to play all 18 holes today, it's kind of a light-hearted atmosphere, but how do you approach a Pro-Am in general, not just this week but the fact that it is 18, and an opportunity to see all 18 holes right before the tournament starts?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Pretty much the same every week. You try to get whatever work you feel like you need done on Tuesday, wait for your tee time, and then sort of see how you tackle Wednesday. I choose to play the morning Pro-Am on Wednesday, so if I would like to work a little bit, I can after the round, like today.

But I tee off at 7:40 tomorrow morning, and it's rather hot, so I probably won't be doing a whole lot of practice after this.

Q. What is something that you've learned about your game since you've been here last year that you think is going to help you maybe try and repeat here again?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, last year I didn't have -- I had zero expectations coming in. This year's different. I won here last year, and people are kind of looking at me to play well. So I expect more of myself. I don't know if that's good or bad, but learning that you can win, especially on a course that you've only seen a few times, is definitely a good thing. So I'm going to try to take that into this week.

Q. You said this is a course you've only seen a few times; what is it about it that suits your game?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: You've got to drive it well. I like the greens. They're bent. I grew up on Poa Annua and bent. Always happy to putt on bent just like any other TOUR pro, I think. They're just the truest greens you can have. So I'm not sure what it was, but last year some things started to click, and looking for the same this year.

Q. Coming in, first time here last year, you won the tournament. Do you feel like there is any weight or expectations that you're carrying coming into playing in this tournament again?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, absolutely. You know, I remember Justin won in Malaysia, and he repeated, Berger won St. Jude and he repeated, and I think Spieth repeated the John Deere, if I'm not wrong. So they're all 2011 class grads, so I feel like I want to join that crew.

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