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June 30, 2018

Davis Love III

Colorado Springs, Colorado

DAVIS LOVE III: It's just disappointing. I'm hitting the ball a lot better than I'm getting at the score. And I'm missing a few greens, like 17 from the middle of the fairway. When I hit good shots, they don't seem to go quite close enough to the hole. So maybe tomorrow will be my day.

Q. You think you're progressing in your knowledge of mountain golf, the Broadmoor? Do you feel that's the direction?
DAVIS LOVE III: Still learning. Obviously new pin position every day that I haven't seen. But most of us in this tournament haven't seen them. It's not like anybody really has a huge advantage. But, yeah, I'm getting more and more comfortable with the golf course and my lines off the tee.

Q. You have a history of playing so well on Sundays. That has to factor in tomorrow.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I really haven't had a really good day yet. I've hit a lot of good shots but I haven't shot a good score yet. Hopefully tomorrow will be my day to get a low one in.

Q. Your feelings about the tightening --
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, it's all bunched up. I guess Jerry had a hiccup on 12 and I made a birdie, there was a chance for me to get into the lead or distance myself from some of the pack. And that's disappointing the way I played coming in. So it's anybody's ball game tomorrow, probably.

Q. Seven guys in the red, not that far. But you're within a shot of it. What kind of attitude do you have to have going into tomorrow? Just aggressive?
DAVIS LOVE III: Just play a little bit more aggressive, I guess. I'm trying to ease some of these putts up there. And I left some short and missed a few downhillers that I was tentative on. I think I've got to be a little more aggressive. And you're not going to win shooting 1- or 2-under tomorrow. So I'll have to get after it.

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