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June 30, 2018

Tim Petrovic

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Did you happen to see the video yet of the kid on 17?
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, I just saw it. He made a great slide too. We should sign him up for the Red Sox. He felt really bad about it. Looked like he was about to burst into tears. He was standing with his brother and his dad. I said something to him, something like, hey, next time just, you know, make sure it goes back towards the fairway. And his dad -- he felt -- I think I put the fire out a little bit. He felt a little bit better about it.

Q. Is it true the front nine is where you can score and the back nine is just try to hang on; is that kind of the approach?
TIM PETROVIC: Yesterday for sure. I shredded the front nine yesterday. But I drove it in the fairway. You gotta drive it in the fairway here. And there's no par-5s on the back nine. If you hit a bad tee shot and, like on the last two holes I just had to take my medicine and take my bogey.

Q. Now where you're at, what's your plan tonight? Are you going to be able to sleep knowing that you're in contention for a major?
TIM PETROVIC: I'll sleep just fine. It's going to be fun tomorrow. We're going to have a nice little dogfight tomorrow. And you know the guy that drives it best and the guy that makes a few putts it's going to come down to a guy who makes a few putts is going to win the tournament tomorrow.

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