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June 30, 2018

Sarah Jane Smith

Kildeer, Illinois

Q. How was it out there?
SARAH JANE SMITH: Yeah, it was nice. I started off hitting a few close and I missed them, and I thought this is not the place where you want to not take opportunities when you have them. But holed a few nice putts coming in, for par actually on 16 and 18, so it was nice to finish like that.

Q. How did the course compare today?
SARAH JANE SMITH: There's probably a few more birdies out there because the par-5s are both downwind, so we could reach 7 and 11, so that was nice to be able to have a couple of two-putt birdies and take some pressure off.

Q. Are you happy with where you've positioned yourself for your three rounds now?
SARAH JANE SMITH: Yeah, definitely. Obviously a few more would have been nice today, and then yesterday I felt like I played really well and today I hit a lot of shots that I didn't feel like got as rewarded as well as I felt like I played, but still was nice to make the weekend knowing that I was hitting the ball well.

Q. How did your experience at the U.S. Women's Open prepare you for this week?
SARAH JANE SMITH: I think a lot because they're similar, like longer courses and ball-striking. So I know that I can compete in those kind of conditions, and it's probably better for me because I usually hit the ball fairly straight, so when they're wide golf courses I don't fare very well because it's sort of no advantage. So on courses like this, it's good for me.

Q. How did you feel as it got hotter in the day on the back nine and you were still able to play well and focus?
SARAH JANE SMITH: Yeah, it was good considering -- because we had a pretty quick turnaround. By the time we were done last night, we were sitting having a relaxing dinner thinking we'd be like mid-morning, and then all of a sudden the tee times came out, and we're like, oh, okay, time to get to bed. But yeah, it was nice to be able to hold it together. I think I'll be spending a lot of time indoors this evening.

Q. Based on what happened this week already, looks like you're going to be on Team Australia for the International Crown, so how does that feel to be a part of that team?
SARAH JANE SMITH: Really excited. It's sort of something that's been in the back of my mind, and then more recently it's infected my brain. But I've missed it two years in a row really closely, like a week or two here or there and I would have been in. But if I'm in the team, I just can't wait because it's going to be awesome in Korea and I think the fans will be nuts. A good nuts. I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Q. What's your experience in team match play?
SARAH JANE SMITH: Haven't had all that much, but we played the Queen's Cup, which was the Australian Tour, ALPG, against Korea, Japan and LET the last few years, and that's kind of the only stuff I've played since junior golf. I love it. I mean, all the girls that will be on the team, we're all friends, and that was kind of the hard part about where we were, the three of us who were kind of on the edge, none of us -- I didn't want to look -- I just didn't want to see how anyone was doing. I didn't want to think about them not doing well and me doing well. The positive to it is that we all get along, and I think we'll get a good team.

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