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June 30, 2018

In-Kyung Kim

Kildeer, Illinois

Q. The setup today, was it easier than the first two days or was it harder or was it about the same? How would you rate it?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I felt like the first two rounds it was acceptable with the greens being wet, everything wet, so I think they gave us a little bit forward tee. But I remember they moved backwards on 8, but still, I was hitting irons on 8. And even No. 9 they moved the tee, so we were able to go with -- for me I was hitting irons, which is pretty good. But still, No. 17, they moved the tee up a little bit, but it was still 175 to the hole, right-to-left wind. So I was a bit streaky on a couple holes, but if I put myself in the fairway in a good position I felt like I had a chance to make some -- a good chance.

Q. Do you feel like you've moved up? Is this something where your ball-striking has put you in a good position?
IN-KYUNG KIM: Yeah, I feel like my hybrids, especially my hybrids, I just changed this week to Callaway, and Barry has been helping me. We're changing a lot of numbers, and finally I like them a lot, and it's really -- I feel like I'm getting a lot of support from my hybrids. There are a lot of good pars out there that it just looks like a par on the scorecard, but there were a lot of great pars.

Like No. 13, which is a great par. Any day I make 3, I will take 3. Good pars out there, then I have a chance to go for some under par out here, I think.

Q. You've gotten progressively better each day; do you think you're starting to figure out where you need to put shots on every hole?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I feel I did and then I don't. Coming into 16, 17, 18, which is really great holes, first things first, you've got to hit the fairway. Birdie is great, but I think pars are not bad out here. You just have to play smart and good communication with caddie, like checking the wind and everything, because it's a same direction, but the wind is always affecting the shots. So yeah, that's a key, I think.

Q. With it being a major and all of the Crown stuff, how important is tomorrow's round for you?
IN-KYUNG KIM: You know, I'm just so stoked that I'm playing well at KPMG. I never really play well here. I just was so happy I made a cut yesterday. I'm like not kidding at all. This is one of the hardest, I think, courses that we play out here, especially the weather, always rainy or hot and all that. It's been challenging, but I think it's just -- I'm just so happy just to be playing on the weekend.

Q. How does the heat affect you on a day like this?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I'm okay with the cool weather, I think, but hot gets me. But I'm trying to use the towels and things to cool down because -- and I try to take some salt, as well, because it's coming off. It's just like -- sometimes reading the putt is not easy because it's so bright, I can't really see very well. But I think it's the same for everyone, you've just got to be hydrated. At least try to be one person, my caddie or me; one of us needs to be sane.

Q. Who was sane out there today, you or the caddie?
IN-KYUNG KIM: Actually he was really happy winning the World Cup this morning, you know, 4-3, I think, with Argentina.

Q. France?
IN-KYUNG KIM: Yeah, he's French, so he just had an extra -- I think maybe that was it.

Q. What's his name?

Q. How long have you guys been together?
IN-KYUNG KIM: A year and a half maybe.

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