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June 30, 2018

Angel Yin

Kildeer, Illinois

Q. How did you feel about your round today?
ANGEL YIN: Felt good. I don't remember most of it. I feel sick right now because of the heat, but overall I made some good putts. Played well.

Q. Three consecutive birdies, 10, 11 and 12; tell us about those.
ANGEL YIN: Oh, just hitting it close, and then I got the feel of my putter and made some good rolls. I hit one bad putt but I was very fortunate to make that. I wouldn't say a bad putt -- I don't think I've ever hit a bad putt -- no, that's a trick in the mind. I'm just kidding.

Q. Those three birdies, were they all within 10 feet, 15 feet?
ANGEL YIN: The first one on 10 was about nine feet, the other one was a bit further, but they were all inside 30 feet.

Q. And then the double, what happened?
ANGEL YIN: Well, it was blowing downwind, so 312 to the water. My caddie and I were like, if I hit this one good -- because it's hot and everything is flying really far. So I if I hit this one good, then it's going to go in the water. So we hit 3-wood, and I didn't hit it that well, so it went in the first bunker. It was a little in a tough position. I wanted to lay up on the left side of the fairway to get like an 80-yard shot in because I've been really good with that today. But 8-iron went a little right, went in the water. I hit it close, my approach shot to the green. I had like a six-footer, but it was downhill breaking hard right to left. I just missed it by a touch, but it was a good stroke. It was a tough hole.

Q. And then 18, how long was that birdie putt?
ANGEL YIN: Inside 30 feet. I don't know. Yeah, I hit it really close. When I was hitting my second shot, I was just thinking, if I make it, I can just leave and go to the scoring tent. I just want to get out of here. It's hot today.

Q. Can you talk about the heat? How difficult was it today?
ANGEL YIN: I mean, how difficult was it? I don't need to say much, you can just look. I'm wearing a skirt. I don't do that. So legs are out; it's hot.

Q. How do you feel about your position going into tomorrow?
ANGEL YIN: I feel good. What am I right now? I don't know.

Q. Tied for sixth, three back.
ANGEL YIN: Three back? That's a good attacking position. I like where I am right now. Just need to play well tomorrow. Is it going to be hot again?

Q. Not as hot.
ANGEL YIN: Not as hot. Early the greens are going to be rolling well, and I'm just going to go out there and do what I did today, maybe know what I'm doing a little bit more. Maybe finish a little better, not finish with a double, because we don't want that.

Q. Your experience at the Solheim Cup, how will that help tomorrow trying to win?
ANGEL YIN: I would just say the adrenaline. When you're playing the last day in contention, you're going to feel that adrenaline rush throughout your body, and I experienced that in Solheim where I was bombing my driver away, 347, something like that -- I can't remember. Of course I remember. But anyways, I'll be able to manage that better and know that I'm hitting it further and I'm going to dial it down a bit, maybe hit something shorter. But just know how my body works and reacts when I'm coming close to the finish line.

Q. Just overall development of your game, how do you feel about where you're at and how you've progressed?
ANGEL YIN: Oh, I think my game has matured a lot. I've learned a lot of my weaknesses in golf, like distance control, so I've been working on that a lot. And I know my strengths, my distance, my short game. So if I can get a second shot closer to the hole, then I know my putting I think is pretty good, too.

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