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June 30, 2018

Joe Durant

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Talk a little bit about the round. Obviously you had a pretty good start there.
JOE DURANT: I did. I had a good start but just couldn't sustain it. I'm just hitting the ball much too far away from the hole to be, to putt with any kind of confidence. I'm leaving myself the dreaded four and five footers on these greens, which is just, you just can't keep doing that. And I missed some short putts coming in and just very frustrated because I'm playing better than what I'm scoring right now. One more day though, see what happens tomorrow.

Q. So with one more day for you what would make it feel like a successful championship?
JOE DURANT: If I could get under par for the tournament. If I could shoot 5- or 6-under tomorrow. I know it's going to play difficult, obviously, but if I could get to par or better for the week I would still feel like I had a good week.

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