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June 30, 2018

Adrian Otaegui

Paris, France

Q. Having spoken to your caddie he said you drove it exceptionally well today and hit plenty of greens, which is the way to play this golf course?
ADRIAN OTAEGUI: Yeah, my caddie always says good things (laughter) I hit the ball well today. I took many fairways, many greens and that really was the plan at the beginning of the day and that was the plan yesterday, as well. I think if you try to get at many birdie chances as possible on this course, you will have a good round and that's what I tried to do. I struck the ball well and managed to make 5-under so I'm very happy with that.

Q. Looking at the way the rough is this week, as well, it is more important that you can't stray after the fairway. There sent much margin for error?
ADRIAN OTAEGUI: Yeah, you definitely have to hit straight and well from off the tee, even if you are a bit shorter, but on the fairway, you're better. The first cut, the first two cuts are okay but sometimes you go further where you get in trouble. It's very important to keep the ball in play and to give yourself chances on this course.

Q. Has it been more frustrating over first two days,74 and 70, perhaps not playing bad golf but getting bad breaks?
ADRIAN OTAEGUI: The first day was very difficult with that wind. Yeah, I make like two or three more bogeys than what I wanted, as well.

But I drove the ball well and gave myself birdie chances and that's what I want to do tomorrow again.

Q. More of the same tomorrow? You could be challenging for the title.
ADRIAN OTAEGUI: Yeah, we'll see. As I said, my first target is try to keep the ball in play, give myself birdie chances and then we'll see. There are so many players there.

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