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June 30, 2018

Alex Noren

Paris, France

Q. 73, 72, 65. What happened?
ALEX NOREN: Well, I hit the irons a lot closer, wedges a lot closer, putted a lot better. So that makes a difference.

Q. How is this golf course playing today in it's been a big story this week the difficulty of it. How has it compared to the first two days?
ALEX NOREN: It was very, very windy the first afternoon I was out and a little bit easier yesterday. It felt a lot easier today, less wind in the morning, a little shorter holes, a couple holes where they put the tees up and then obviously we're not -- you know, we weren't close to the lead and nobody really expecting us to do anything. It's a little bit easier coming out faster with a few birdies in the beginning.

Q. Obviously every week is important and you want to play well everywhere, but the fact that that is where The Ryder Cup is going to be and you want to be on that team, does it add more significance, this week, than normal?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I keep thinking about the shots, if I get on the team, and it's special. The course plays -- there's so many shots that gets your attention.

Q. You posted a number like that but doesn't change the fact that this is a golf course with teeth. Do you think that's going to be in pretty good shape heading into tomorrow with a chance to win?
ALEX NOREN: I think a few guys will shoot good scores this afternoon. I heard the wind wasn't going to get up much. You know, it's tough to lead on this golf course. I don't know -- hopefully he plays well. Marc is such a nice guy.

But another one of these will be good for me. I don't think I'm going to be close to the lead but another one of these would be good.

Q. That's your lowest round on this golf course. How do you feel after that?
ALEX NOREN: It feels good. I was struggling to get close on the first two days, to get close to the pins, and it is a tricky golf course. I hit it good off the tee today. Hit my irons and wedges a lot closer and got some early birdies. Kind of gets your momentum going a bit and otherwise it's a very tricky golf course. You know there are so many holes coming up but once you get a few birdies, it's a different feeling.

Q. The finishing stretch is quite brutal and looking at the position on 18, very tricky, and several people have gotten in the water trying to take that on?
ALEX NOREN: I hit like maybe a club too long. I had a tough, long putt but it's easier. I think you've got to be really on your numbers if you're going to go for that one.

Q. As it stands at the moment, you're in The Ryder Cup team. How does it feel to have a good round here, on this golf course, and get a good look at it and with that in mind, wanting to be on the team?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it feels good. I walk around out there, and thinking about what shots you could get if you get on the team, and it puts a little bit extra attention on you. You feel, you know, what it could be like. It's a lot, so many shots that gets your attention.

Q. You've played yourself into contention for another Rolex Series Event going into Sunday.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it feels good. I'm going to have an afternoon of practise and see if I can keep up the good form from today.

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