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June 30, 2018

Julian Suri

Paris, France

Q. A little bit frustrating; is there a feeling that your score doesn't perhaps reflect how well you're playing?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, any score when you shoot under par out here is good, and especially being bogey-free is really nice. Kind of shows that I really didn't hit it into trouble which is saying something out here. The wind was down a little bit. A couple tees were up, so it's definitely a little bit more scorable. I think that's shown by some of the early scores out there today.

Yeah, you know, I'm hitting it really well. Just gave myself a million chances and just couldn't convert. Tried to figure that out this afternoon and hopefully get it going tomorrow.

Q. Over the back nine over the last two days, I think 17 pars and a bogey, are you scratching your head a little bit to find out why that is?
JULIAN SURI: I didn't even know that. But honestly the back nine, there's some holes where middle of the green to 30 feet is great and No. 15, for example, I've hit it in the same spot for all three days and been pretty okay with a 2-putt par. There's a couple holes like that and you've just kind of got to take your medicine and move on with a par.

Q. A lot of people have moved out of contention but you've managed to stay in contention. How pleasing is that going into Sunday he?
JULIAN SURI: It's good. I'm six shots back right now so it's quite a bit. If I can just keep hitting it the way I am and get a couple putts to drop, it will be a fun day tomorrow.

Q. Some players can drop multiple shots; 8s,9s, easy done on this golf course.
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, it's easily done. I just have to keep sticking to my game plan and control what I can control.

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