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June 29, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Paris, France

Q. Sergio, two rounds played. How did you start the even par. How does that (indiscernible)?
SERGIO GARCIA: Obviously tough golf course. And the rough is even tougher. But obviously didn't drive the ball as well as yesterday today. But even if it's just a little bit off, it's so much penalizing out there. So I think that we held on well. Obviously the course was playing a little bit easier a couple of tees forward. It's a shame they didn't do that yesterday afternoon. So they're doing it for these guys in the afternoon today. Seems unfair, but it is what it is. But overall I'm happy with the way I played.

Q. (Indiscernible). You've played everywhere. You've been everywhere. How nice is it to come and play and do you feel like this golf course?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah. I obviously played in France, great golf course. I was able to win there. It is a good ball striker's kind of golf course, and when my game is on, obviously it is perfect. But if your game is a little bit off, like I was a little bit off the tee today, then you're struggling, you're trying to make pars, even on par-5s. It's the kind of golf course that is asking you a lot pretty much every single shot you hit.

Q. Bear in mind your record and obviously what you've done in Ryders Cups, ask you about this, the American the courses they've gone to in the States, not a lot of rough, lots of birdies going in. When you see the style of this layout and how it plays now, how do you think this course will fare as a venue?
SERGIO GARCIA: I think the course is tough enough. I don't think it needs as much rough as we have, at least the high rough, because you can have like a one-foot rough there. And this course is still going to be very, very difficult. It just has it. And you might get some people injured if it gets windy and you could misstep in this thick stuff. So I think we'll have to be careful. But I think that overall it probably should suit us a little bit more, but it still comes down to playing. If you play well, you win it. If you don't, then you don't.

Q. Well, you've played pretty well so far this week. Good luck going into the weekend.

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