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June 29, 2018

Marcus Kinhult

Paris, France

Q. Marcus, it would appear you're playing a slightly different golf course than every one else out there this morning, 6-under par 65, how happy are you today?
MARCUS KINHULT: It feels good. It feels really good. Yeah, I got off to a great start and played well from there. I guess the wind picked up a little bit on the back nine, the last four or five holes or so, but yeah, happy overall. Good round.

Q. We'll get to the wind in just a second. What part of your game, to shoot a number like that, what is the big part of the game that you have to get right out there to shoot these sort of numbers that you've seen?
MARCUS KINHULT: Well, off the tee. If you're not in the fairway on this course, you are (indiscernible). (Wind).

Q. You had a tough draw yesterday, strong winds in the afternoon. What's the big thing that changes for you out there?
MARCUS KINHULT: It's just -- I think it gets firmer throughout the day as well. So just hitting the fairways is a lot more tough. And on the back nine, especially it's a cross wind on every tee shot, feels like. So yeah, it's very important to get the right shape to be able to hit fairways.

Q. You have a good history in windy conditions. How much does that help coming into a golf course where we know it can be tough, not only in the fairways but where the wind is going to play a factor?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah. Actually, I don't enjoy the wind that much. I prefer when it's calm. But yeah, when I hit it well, it's not a big factor. If you strike the ball well, it's not a big deal if it stays like this. If it picks up more, then it's going to be really tough.

Q. Heading into the weekend, you may be in front, you may not. You're still in great shape. How excited is it the prospect of the weekend?
MARCUS KINHULT: I haven't thought about it yet, but yeah, Saturday is going to be a big day. And hopefully on Sunday as well. But yeah, it's a position I have never been in before. So we'll see. (Wind).

Q. Marcus, after a level par round yesterday, did you envision walking off today signing for a 65?
MARCUS KINHULT: You know, I was not expecting it, but I felt like I played well yesterday, and the conditions were easier this morning. (Indiscernible). (Wind).

Q. Kind of set the tone for the rest of the round?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, exactly. Got off to a great start. It makes it a lot easier. The wind picked up on the last four or five holes or so. But yeah, I was 6-under on the front nine, which is great. So yeah. Happy.

Q. What part of the game has been the strongest for you over the first two days?
MARCUS KINHULT: I'd say the driver and the putter.

Q. How excited are you going into the weekend?
MARCUS KINHULT: It's a good feeling. (Indiscernible).

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