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June 28, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Paris, France

Q. You know, the French public is so happy to have you here at The French Open, and now you're a Masters Champion, it's such an honor for us. We want to know, what do you think about that golf course.
SERGIO GARCIA: It was tough. It was very tough. Obviously in the afternoon it played extremely difficult with the wind and the course firming up and everything. But I felt like I played really well. You know, obviously didn't have a good start. I felt like I hit some good shots on 2 and unfortunately the wind kind of messed up my shots a little bit.

Got a big gust with the 4-iron, and then I hit a little punch 9 and the wind slowed it down just a little bit and hit it just over the green. After that, I was able to settle down, recover nicely. I hit a lot of good shots. I hit some really good putts that could have dropped and unfortunately it didn't. And you know, I would have loved to finish even because it makes it bunch taste a little better, but 1-over isn't bad.

Q. Tell us about 15 and 18.
SERGIO GARCIA: They are difficult shots but you have to step up and hit them and hope that they come out the way you think they are going to come out. Obviously the one on 15, it was a 7-iron, and the lie was okay. It wasn't, it wasn't great but it was okay. I could get to the ball.

So I had 154 yards and I hit a really nice little hold-up 7-iron, but you could see how difficult that shot is when the two guys are in the fairway. Can't hit it on the green and then I was able to do that.

And then obviously on 18, I had a half decent lie, too, that was at least I could get to the ball with a 5-iron and hit a really, really nice shot there and made a good 4.

Q. Now in September, you know what is coming. It's not only Sergio time. It's Ryder Cup, as well?
SERGIO GARCIA: Obviously, we'll see, if it plays like this, it's going to be hard. It's going to be hard for everyone. Probably a lot of holes are going to be won with par and some of them maybe with bogey. But yeah, it's a solid golf course. I mean, it's a golf course that is -- I said it all week long. Everybody talks about the last four holes, it's asking you to hit good shots over and over and over again, and you know, I mean, in these windy conditions, it's not an easy task.

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