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June 3, 2018

Thorbjorn Olesen

Brescia, Italy

Q. Your first win in the Rolex Series, how are you feeling?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Unbelievable. Obviously been a little bit of a tough time for me this year. Yeah, to come into this Rolex Series and to do what I've done is amazing, especially to come-from-behind and win. I haven't done that in my career so far, so that was very special.

Q. You had to scramble pretty hard on some of those holes, and you kind of won this the difficult way.
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, I didn't make a bogey today but yeah, I had a couple of good up-and-downs, but I felt like I hit quite a lot of greens, as well. Obviously there's a couple tee shots that I don't really like on this golf course, 15, 16, there's two of them and I've struggled all week but managed to make par, birdie. Yeah, it's been good.

Q. I'm sure you knew by the roar that Francesco had made a birdie at the last, so you knew the pressure was on when you were stood over that par putt. What's going through your mind?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, I was standing down there in the rough, and seeing him hole that long birdie putt, and in back of my mind, I thought bogey probably would make it to win, and then all of a sudden, I knew I needed to make 4 to win. That definitely made it tough, but it was nice to hole that putt on the last and to get that feeling of, yeah, holing it when it really matters.

Q. And a great kick-start hopefully for the rest of the year and some more big events coming up.
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, definitely. This is exactly what I needed. Well, it's always what we need but right now for me it's great.

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