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June 2, 2018

Thorbjorn Olesen

Brescia, Italy

Q. A 65, how well do you feel you played today?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: I definitely played better today than the first couple days. You know, Thursday the first nine holes, I really, really struggled and was fighting my way around. Luckily for me we got that rain delay and got to hit a few balls and slowly from there I've started to play better and better. Yeah, I felt like I had a bit more control over the ball today.

Q. Out in 32 and four birdies in five holes put you in the lead on your own. What were you feeling and thinking at that point?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: I was feeling great. Definitely I was hitting some really nice approach shots, a couple of really good wedge shots. Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of the last par 5. I hit a poor drive and had to lay up, but beside that, I felt like I did well.

Q. Just one Top-20 for you this year, you've only played nine tournaments. What's been the difference this week?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Don't know. Like I said, Thursday I was really struggling the first nine holes, but stayed patient and then got to hit a few balls and just slowly been better and better every day.

Q. Sometimes we see players come into form, showing Top-10s and top 5s and then they win and you have a history of coming in with poor form and winning. How do you do that?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: I like to be in the mix and I like to be up there, and in the past I've been pretty good to take advantage when I've had my chances.

Hopefully I can come into the back nine tomorrow and have a chance to win.

Q. Third round 65, give us your thoughts on how you felt you played today?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: I definitely like I played better golf today. I was in more control of the ball and felt like I gave myself a lot of good looks. Yeah, took advantage of it, so it was nice.

Q. You picked up plenty of birdies and plenty of points on the par 5s this week. Nice that you know you can play them well.
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, definitely. Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of that last par 5. I hit a poor drive and had to lay-up.

Yeah, so far this week, I felt like I played them pretty well but you need to hit good tee shots on them and if you don't, then it's not an easy birdie.

If you do, you have a good chance to get there in two and have a look at an eagle.

Q. Bigger picture going into the final day, one shot off the lead at the moment, how nice to be up there challenging on the final day in a Rolex Series Event?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: It's great. It's been a while since I've had a Sunday where I've been in the mix, so yeah, it's great. I'm just trying to find my game and trying to improve. It's been a bit of a struggle, so that's the main thing.

Q. Won't be too much margin for error.
THORBJØRN OLESEN: There's a few par 5s here you can reach all of them, so there's eagle chances, a lot of birdie chances. So it's going to be a pretty fun Sunday I think.

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