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June 2, 2018

Danny Willett

Brescia, Italy

Q. Overall, how did you feel the day went?
DANNY WILLETT: It was pretty good. Obviously pretty solid. Just one real -- not that far away really in terms of what we're trying to do with it. It was a pretty good day. Scores obviously low from a few of the guys that went out earlier on today and kind of evened out a little bit to where we were, so yeah, 4-under, I'll take it.

Q. Three birdies on the back nine, your best run of the week?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, I haven't holed many the first two days, so yeah, from 12 and 15 feet are where you really make your gains. It was nice to have three in a row there. Hopefully keep it going.

Q. In terms of confidence and looking at the rest of the season, how nice is it for you after the way that things have been going into the final day in contention and challenging for a big event?
DANNY WILLETT: It's nice. We've been doing a lot of work and things have been feeling close. It's nice that things are kind of getting there, and get back and get rested up and come out and post one tomorrow.

Q. The knee seems to be troubling you. Tell us how it happened.
DANNY WILLETT: It's there or thereabouts. I've had it strapped and taped and have had some painkillers which is a shame. Yeah, we've dug deep -- a few issues in the slopes. It's very uncomfortable but doing well. Trying to forget about it but no, it's all right.

Q. Hopeful with some treatment this evening and tomorrow morning you'll be in tiptop shape for tomorrow?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, fingers crossed. Hopefully, yeah, get back and rest up and see the physio later on and get a few bits worked out. Yeah, moving really well, so the better I move, the less it hurts. Moving nicely, so just going to keep trying.

Q. How quickly does the confidence and belief come back in your came after a poor run of form? How quickly can it return?
DANNY WILLETT: It can do. It's a really fine line. You can feel like you're playing good golf and guys are like, yeah, not having any results, but you talk about no results, literally zero, so it's been a tough run to kind of keep the chin up and keep working hard. It's easy to take it easy and say, well, I'll write this bit off and this bit off.

But no, been working really hard. The confidence, it's a nice confidence because any confidence -- obviously I've been really low -- I've been low, low, and to hit some shots out there that like I said before, I wouldn't ordinarily like or see, the shot on the last -- to eight feet, couldn't do that before. The good shots are a lot better than they were and the bad ones are getting to where they are okay.

In the main I think it's going to be a better version of where we were at. It's just taken a long, long time to get there. Yeah, confidence comes with -- should come with obviously just doing it more and more but obviously as players, we like to see results.

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