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May 31, 2018

Danny Willett

Brescia, Italy

Q. A 65, no dropped shots. Good opening days work in Italy.
DANNY WILLETT: It's been a while. Really good work. We played really well. Got the ball in play a lot which you have to do around here. Obviously with the rain that we had overnight, placing was in play, so if you got in the semi or in the rough, you get a few mud balls, make it a bit more difficult. The guys up there are holding up pretty well. Greens are soft.

Q. Golf is very much about the mental game. Does that come into play when it's been such a tough start?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's an interesting one. It's almost a good and a bad thing, not being in a position for a while of kind of going low, but then at the same time, you're really enjoying actually having the potential to go low and then to make some more birdies. Hit a lot of good golf shots.

I guess, yeah, it kind of putts things into perspective when you've not been playing so well, if you do hit a couple bad ones, you take a bit of pressure off yourself.

Q. Anything that you need to look at?
DANNY WILLETT: No, most parts are really solid Todd. Hit a lot of greens, a lot of fairways, a lot of good putts. It's difficult to hole everything out here. We holed a few nice ones, but you know, I think it just keeping everything as it is in place, and conditions-wise are going to be similar the next three days. Just go keep trying to enjoy it and make the moves that we're trying it make and see where it gets us from there.

Q. You had a pretty interesting experience in the Pro-Am yesterday.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was impressive to see. We played with the Paralympic Italian golf team, Stefano Palmieri and Alessandra Donati, and yeah, pretty -- putts things into perspective when you see how much they enjoy the game with the ability that they have.

For those guys to get annoyed about little things; Stefano was there walking around and he's blind and just had a smile on his face, hit some fantastic golf shots which is beyond impressive.

So yeah, it was a really great way to start, to make sure they have a great day and kind of puts your own life, your own kind of golf things into a bit of perspective. Yeah, really try and appreciate what you do.

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