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May 23, 2018

Yu-Sang Hou Laura Ianello Haley Moore Sandra Nordaas Bianca Pagdanganan Gigi Stoll

Stillwater, Oklahoma

LAURA IANELLO: I just would like to congratulate these five amazing women on achieving this amazing accomplishment. I'd also like to congratulate Mic Potter and Alabama. Today was an unbelievable match. They have a (indiscernible) golf team, and today was memorable for both of us for sure.

Q. Haley, obviously it came down to you there on the last few holes. After 18, how did you sort of refocus yourself and get ready to play that hole all over again?
HALEY MOORE: I just told myself, I handled 7. It's basically the same hole, just -- I just told myself it's a regulation hole again, because in my mind I was like, okay, I'm all square going into the last hole of the national championship, so I know I need a birdie to win, so I just played it as just a normal hole, regulation hole. I feel like with that, I felt myself just with more confidence. I was definitely more nervous, but I just got over the ball, and I just hit it by the hole.

Q. Haley, how much did you think back to Monday, the fact that Bianca was in a pretty much similar situation and she was able to finish it off for you guys just like you did today?
HALEY MOORE: It definitely felt the same. It's just hard to just stay committed because it's just so amazing how it happened. To win the national championship and then Bianca's putt was actually to get us into match play to compete as a team, so I just feel like it evens it out, and it's just amazing how this whole team, we came together all this spring with two amazing coaches helping us improve our games, and to get here was just truly magical.

Q. Haley came in as a young freshman. Can you talk about how she's matured in her time at Arizona to be able to handle an anchor position on this stage?
LAURA IANELLO: Well, I think one thing we all knew, I think Coach D and I, thinking about the pairings last night, is Haley Moore is a pretty amazing player. She won her two matches yesterday, so we felt confident with her in that last spot. I think over the years that we've been able to coach her and have her in our lives, we were mom and dad away from mom and dad. Coach D and I, I feel like we really try to mold these girls into better human beings than what they are to start, because they're all really amazing, but just little life lessons here and there that may help them improve. Haley is a very emotional player, but there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, she loves it. Everybody on this golf team, they're just absolutely amazing young women.

Q. Yu-Sang, especially at the start of the back nine for you, you seemed to be making every putt. What did the course give to you today and how well were you reading the greens?
YU-SANG HOU: Well, I was actually really nervous, the first few holes I had a bad start, but my coach, Coach Laura, just told me don't get nervous. Just like stroke play, don't think too much, just watch all your speed, and that's all you can do.

Q. Laura, how far away did this feel six months ago?
LAURA IANELLO: That's a really good question. Coach D, how far away did this feel six months ago? I'm not going to lie. At one moment, it felt impossible. It really did. But at that moment, I think I probably underestimated these young women a little bit, and then having Yu-Sang added to our team, I think we just started to see everybody blossom together.

Q. Sandra, talk about your match today. It came down to a clutch putt. Talk about the mindset of getting through that match for you.
SANDRA NORDAAS: So my only goal today was pretty much just to stay calm, play one hole at a time. I knew that every single match would matter today, but my main goal was pretty much to take one shot at a time, not get too ahead of myself, and yeah.

Q. Bianca, I know a lot has been talked about, the putt several days ago, but the team really picked up the momentum. Just talk about the overall experience from that putt all the way to today.
BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: Okay, so after that putt when I found out -- after that putt I found out that we were also going into a playoff. I was at the driving range and saw my teammates warming up, and I wanted to get everyone together and just be like, guys, I know that putt was clutch, but it got us into the playoff, and for me, that means that we were meant to be in the top eight. I honestly just wanted to inspire my teammates and help them believe that we could do it. But being the eighth seed, it doesn't matter. Like we're good players, we can do this, and we're a good team, and I think that just like helped with their momentum and their confidence, and that's how they played their hearts out at the playoff.

Q. Gigi, talk about what it means to be a national champion.
GIGI STOLL: This is what we worked for all year. This is what I've been working for since my freshman year, and to be national champions with this team is an incredible feeling. I couldn't have done it without my coaches and these girls. It's amazing.

Q. Gigi, talk about the chemistry of this team and how it's different now than it has been in the past.
GIGI STOLL: Yeah, I think our team this year is very different than I think most other teams. We all bring something unique to the table. We're all different pieces to the puzzle, and this team really lifts each other up, and if we have a bad day, there's someone on the team, it's probably going to be Yu-Sang, to give you a hug. But everyone on this team just really understands each other and respects each other as a person, and that's something that we've really prided ourselves on this year.

Q. Laura, so you were part of a national championship as a player, and now as a coach. How do you even begin to compare the two?
LAURA IANELLO: I'm not going to lie, this one is a little bit more special to me. But it's what you work for. It's what you want. I think being a coach and trying to live for your players a little bit, it's pretty spectacular to win on this end I'd say for me a little bit more.

Q. Can you describe the confidence that you had in Haley here coming up the stretch carrying everything on her shoulders and just the type of player she is?
LAURA IANELLO: Yeah, we've seen Haley play a lot of matches in the last pairing this year, and she's a very clutch player in the end, and watching Haley compete towards the end, I had no doubt she was rolling that putt in on the last hole. I felt really confident in her, especially after her watching someone miss the putt. I felt like she definitely carried some confidence in that putt.

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