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May 18, 2018

Brian Gay

Irving, Texas

Q. After 67 in the opening round, just how pleased is a 62 today?
BRIAN GAY: Absolutely, yeah. Great to come out this morning and make a bunch of birdies. Felt like I left a few out there yesterday and nice to come out and get some this morning.

Q. (Inaudible).
BRIAN GAY: Definitely something new and different for us. We're not used to this kind of golf course over here on Tour. A little bit more homework in the week in trying to figure something out.

Q. From the Fort Worth area originally, I believe. Three Top-10s this season. How much is this showing how you're playing?
BRIAN GAY: I felt like a lot of us say I've been really close the last couple of months, been hitting the ball nice and my putting is my strong suit. My putting has been really down the last several tournaments. I've been kind of waiting on one of these days.

Q. In terms of support out there and the crowds building up, how is that?
BRIAN GAY: Little bit. I didn't live here long but I was born here in the area. I enjoy playing in Texas.

Q. (Inaudible)
BRIAN GAY: Absolutely. Be nice to have a little rest this afternoon. Let these guys figure it out in the afternoon and figure the wind.

Q. Back-9, what a spectacular day of golf for you. Ten birdies on the card. You obviously found it out here today.
BRIAN GAY: Felt good today. I felt like I left a few out there yesterday, better than 4-under. Nice to come out this morning.

Q. Let's talk about making putts. You made over a hundred feet today. Did you find something in the stroke or you just love the greens?
BRIAN GAY: I love the greens. They're tricky in spots to read. I love the greens and my putting has really been down the last maybe month or two.

Q. Your opinion of this golf course. You've played it a couple times. Links and middle of Texas.
What do you think?

BRIAN GAY: I think it's something new and different for us. It's a different challenge and more work. I'm trying to figure things out.

Q. Started early, a little more wind today at the end, how was it any different than yesterday?
BRIAN GAY: It's picked up, switched directions a little bit and picked up the last, I guess, probably hour. Might be a little breezy.

Q. Good luck on the weekend.
BRIAN GAY: Thank you.

Q. You must be having some you fun out there.
BRIAN GAY: It was fun today. I felt like I left a few out there yesterday. Played better than 4-under, and it was nice to go out this morning and make some putts and shoot a low number.

Q. When you decided to enter this tournament, what your expectations?
BRIAN GAY: I didn't really know. I heard mixed things about it. Some people were indifferent. Some people said they loved it. I didn't know what to expect. A little more homework earlier in the week just trying to figure things out. But I think it's a fun course. Kind of got to know where to put the ball.

Q. (Inaudible)
BRIAN GAY: I mean it's all about the second shot. There's also a few tee balls to get some angles and it depends on where the wind is blowing. It's generous off the tee, gives you options. Get the ball in play and I only missed one fairway and actually birdied that hole. Get it on the green and make putts.

Q. Various players have said that the course doesn't really suit anyone, that players of different strengths can excel here.
BRIAN GAY: I heard that from another player before coming here. That was good news to me. I'm not a long hitter. Long is always good. The course is playing fast so it's not playing long, which is good for me. So, you know, I think it's a different, different challenge for us, different week and it is fun.

Q. (Inaudible)
BRIAN GAY: It's been calm, even Tuesday, Wednesday, I was telling my caddy it's never this calm in Dallas three days in a row. Looks like it might start picking up now. I was a little surprised how low they were yesterday but the wind never blew, the greens weren't too hard.

Q. Were you just kind of going hole by hole or any discussion about --
BRIAN GAY: No, kind of be aware of it. All of a sudden I was in 2nd. I was aware of it. I saw a board. I was really calm out there all day. Felt good.

Q. How much of the course conditions have changed? Guys talked about earlier in the week little softer and more receptive. Is it firming up out there a little bit?
BRIAN GAY: You know, I think the greens have been pretty consistent. I think the fairways were -- played really fast yesterday in the afternoon. I'm sure with the wind today it will play even faster. But the greens aren't out of hand. They're holding shots.

Q. Get a sense of how difficult it might be if the wind blows?
BRIAN GAY: The angles are more important than playing the slopes. You need to know where to land your approach shots when it gets windy.

Q. (Inaudible)
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I think so. New course, totally new style. I think maybe some guys will just won't go, don't want to deal with it. I think now they'll hear a lot of positive things, go and check it out.

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