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May 18, 2018

Scott Vincent

Schilde, Belgium

Q. First playoff hole, birdie time?
SCOTT VINCENT: Yeah, that kind of took me by surprise but what a nice way to do it. Just come out here, get it done. Not have to worry too much more about the rest of the holes. We'll just see how everyone comes in here.

Q. What were the nerves like?
SCOTT VINCENT: I was really nervous. Obviously being first up out of everyone, you're kind of setting the pace there. Good to get one going forwards, and roughly the right direction, but yeah, I was very nervous.

Q. Great format?
SCOTT VINCENT: Yeah, adds a lot of excitement and drama to golf, so I think the spectators will appreciate it. It gives us golfers a bit of a heart attack now and then but it's going to be great.

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