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May 11, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Another good day out there?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it had good moments and not-so-good moments. But, yeah, the positive is we scrambled well when we had to. We didn't let it get away, which it could have happened after a couple bad shots that I hit on the back nine. But we're kind of building a confidence up a little bit after a bad streak, and it's nice to be out on the weekend and in a decent position.

Q. What sort of confidence level does being a past champion give you on the weekend here, knowing what to expect?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it obviously helps to know that you've done well, that it is one of your favorite golf courses in the world, but the confidence is something you build through tournaments and through the years. It's not like all of us have it, you come to a tournament and it's just like that. So hopefully we'll keep building on that tomorrow and Sunday and see where we can finish.

Q. You spoke about has it been a tough mental adjustment. You won a major and you're a Masters champion; has that been an adjustment to start again?
SERGIO GARCIA: Not really. No, it's been a lot of changes, obviously. Beautiful changes. Being a father is amazing, but it changes a lot of things, and you have to get used to them, and I'm still -- I think both Angela and I, we're still trying to get used to it. We have probably the best baby in the world. She's unbelievable. But there's a lot of things that you have to get on with it, and it's been fun, so hopefully we can start building our confidence back up like I usually do, and it's a good start this week.

Q. You also have a perspective maybe on the golf course that you haven't had before; there's a lot more important things going on in your life.
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, yeah, but that's a little bit of BS, if you'll excuse my language. I think at the end of the day we're still trying, and yeah, it is great to have an amazing wife and a beautiful baby, but you're still trying hard out there. It doesn't mean that when you miss a shot you don't care or anything like that. I mean it's easy to say, but it's not really true. So we're still -- playing golf is what I do, it's what I've done my whole life, and I still want to do it as well as I can.

Q. You can't have the best baby in the world because every father's got the best baby in the world.
SERGIO GARCIA: No, no way. Definitely.

Q. You do have the best baby in the world?
SERGIO GARCIA: She's the cutest and sleeps great and she's unbelievable. She takes -- she has even the nicest number twos ever.


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