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March 24, 2018

Hye Jin Choi

Carlsbad, California

HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) So I played really well today. I was just trying to get really comfortable these last couple of days to make the cut, but today I felt went really great.

Q. What is it like playing with Inbee?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) I played with her once before, but this was my first tournament in stroke play. I just wanted to do really well and have a great performance. It was really fun to play with her today.

Q. Do you get more confidence the more LPGA events you play?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) Yeah, I feel like I've been able to increase my confidence the more that I'm out here and the more invitations that I get, so looking forward to playing more.

Q. Will you play really aggressively tomorrow to try to catch the leader?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) I'm just looking forward to playing the same that I did. I felt that I did well enough to play today, so I'm just going to play my own game.

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