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March 16, 2018

Avery Johnson, Jr. Galin Smith Collin Sexton

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Q. Avery, I apologize. I'm sure you've been through this a thousand times, but what is it like to play for your dad? Was it natural from day one or was it an adjustment process, and would you recommend it for other players to have that path where you could be the guy who is getting beat on more by the coach because you are the coach's kid.
AVERY JOHNSON, JR.: Obviously it was an adjustment at first when I transferred from Texas A&M. They told me some of the heat I could get, obviously, with the situation. We talked it over with my family, hit up other people that have done it -- you know, Doc Rivers' son, R.J. Hunter at Georgia State -- I talked to them and felt comfortable enough and I do recommend it for other players that are in the same situation.

Q. Collin, not to get too technical, but what is the John Petty swag?
COLLIN SEXTON: I say like Nike sweat suits and Jordan's as well.

Q. That's all you got to say?

Q. What makes him so interesting?
COLLIN SEXTON: Who, John? What, on the court?

Q. In life.
COLLIN SEXTON: He like to have fun. I feel like we got a team that's full of people who like to laugh and have fun, so it's just like we all mix together well.

Q. Collin, your coach is saying last night he's recalling first meeting you, first recruiting you, and a lot of people weren't recruiting you. What were your first meetings like with Coach Johnson and what appealed to you about him in?
COLLIN SEXTON: Honestly, he just told me that he believed in me. And I was big, because nobody else really like knew what I could do. He was one of the first few coaches that came and started recruiting me pretty hard, so I feel like from day one, he knew what I could do, and we just built that trust.

Q. Galen, it's no secret Alabama has been known over the years as primarily a football school, and you all are building something now as a basketball program. You're playing a team in Villanova that's an established basketball program. Is that sort of the kind of consistency that you guys are seeing develop over the years as the program gross?
GALIN SMITH: We feel like Coach Avery Johnson, his plan he's put together by bringing us freshmen in and the guys he put in. Then we came in that's around us, we really feel like we're on the way to being that same type of basketball school.

Q. Collin, what are your impressions of Villanova?
COLLIN SEXTON: They're a pretty good team. We see them on TV a lot, so we watched a few of their games. They've played together and they are a veteran team, so --

Q. Collin, I wanted to follow up, because the other day, when you were in here you were talking about how you take such great pride in your grade point average and take such interest in your studies, what are you taking this semester that's interesting?
COLLIN SEXTON: I'm taking a global class right now. It's like global world issues and stuff like that so --

Q. What's interesting about it?
COLLIN SEXTON: Just like learning about other countries and what's going on, and not just what is going on in the United States, just going on everywhere and issues, also.

Q. Collin, talk about what you like about Jalen Brunson's game, and how excited you are when you have to go up against a guy who is one of the best at his position?
COLLIN SEXTON: He's a veteran player, so he knows the ins and outs. He knows how to score the ball and get his teammates involved. And it's going to be exciting going against him.

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