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March 1, 2018

Tiffany Chan

Republic of Singapore

Q. How was the first day?
TIFFANY CHAN: Couldn't find my tempo out there. I've been missing multiple shots. I tried to grind it out, so I'm happy with a 74 coming back because I couldn't hit a single shot that was the way I wanted.

Q. Your support crew, who have you got here?
TIFFANY CHAN: That was my parents and my best friend's parents, Stephanie's parents, and my boss. Yeah, they are all here today.

Q. Have they been able to all be together for a tournament yet or is this the first time?
TIFFANY CHAN: Well, my parents and my friend's parents have always been traveling before in Asia when I was an amateur, as well. They went to the Olympics last year, and then this time it's their first time coming to see me on the LPGA.

Q. How is that for them?
TIFFANY CHAN: Actually my parents were in Australia but the rest of them the first time.

Q. So first time you've got the whole team together?

Q. And I heard them give you a cheer on the first tee?
TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, they always do that. I'm glad it's the LPGA, so it's not that awkward.

Q. Louder an the Asian Tour with so many people around.
TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, I had a good time out there. I have three more days, no cut.

Q. Do you feed off their energy, seeing your parents there, does that help you?
TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, you know, I'm always happy to see my parents with me. I don't see them quite often. I've been in the US for college for five years, so it's good to have them to back me up whenever I need it.

Q. What's the plan now, go and have a massage and a rest or have some food, obviously?
TIFFANY CHAN: Maybe eat with them first because they just got in last night so I didn't see them. So I'm probably going to eat with them and then I will go to the strange straight.

Q. Any expectations for tomorrow?
TIFFANY CHAN: Just same game plan. Just that's golf, and you have some days that you can't find your tempo, but I look forward to the coming days.

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