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January 19, 2018

Brian Gay

La Quinta, California

Q. Great round today. 8 birdies, the rest pars. How would you overall assess the day?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it was a good day, great start. Seemed pretty easy on the front nine. Actually I was 6-under through 8 and I missed a couple short ones. I missed like a 6-, 7-footer for eagle on 5. And I had a pretty good look on 1. And then 8 I missed a short one on 8. Anyway, it was a good start and then the back nine's probably the toughest nine of the entire rotation, I think, by far.

Q. Of any of the courses?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, the toughest nine. I think the par-5s are longer, two tough par-3s, couple good par-4s. So it's hard to go real low on that side, I feel like. But it's nice to finish with two good ones at the end.

Q. You finished with a couple birdies, that's probably a nice immediate memory, it's going deeper in the annals of history, some other good memories here, 2013 champion, just, I don't know, does it feel good playing golf in the desert?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I always thought it was cool coming here ever since I good shots my TOUR card here in the fall of 1998 and that was the first time I ever played here and I just loved it since. I was fortunate enough to get one there in 2013. In a playoff, I guess, that was kind of -- I shot low the last day there to catch Scott Stallings, he kind of fell back a little bit and I shot a low one and got in a playoff.

Q. I covered that event and yeah, that was a great win. It was also the last win for you, the last four plus years since then, how would you assess your career since then trying to get the next big win?
BRIAN GAY: Well, I had two big surgeries that set me back. I got really feeling bad the end of, late summer of 2014, so just a little over a year after winning here. And then I had a new disc put in my neck and then I had thumb surgery so I was completely out for a year and a half. It took awhile to kind of get back into it. I was used to playing all the time and then no golf for a year and a half was tough. To come back out it kind of felt like starting over, even though I still knew the golf courses, but it was tough. But I feel like since kind of early last spring, I've been doing all right, playing a little better and feeling a little more comfortable out here.

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