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November 18, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. On a day when the scoring has been pretty low, how nice to join the party at 67 and be nicely up there now in contention?

: Yeah, well, we're going to be a little bit too far back, or farther back than we wanted. It's a shame. Today I played very well. Today it could have been a really, really good day. It could have been an 8- , 9-under par kind of day. Unfortunately a couple lip-outs, a couple short misses and you know, unfortunate.

At least we stayed patient. We came back nicely. Played great on the back nine and you know, was able to shoot 5-under which is a great score.

Q. So you played the back nine pretty well on all three days so far this week. It seems to suit the game quite well.
SERGIO GARCIA: It's just one of those things. Today I should have been 4-under par on the front nine, easily, between like I said, a couple lip-outs and probably three putts inside six feet that I missed.

So unfortunately it didn't want to happen but like I said, we stayed patient and finally a couple of them started dropping on the back nine and we were able to shoot a decent score.

Q. You mentioned you might be a few shots back. What will be the strategy going into tomorrow to try and chase that?
SERGIO GARCIA: Nothing. Just more of the same. Try to play as well as possible. Try to score as low as possible and see what happens.

But you know, it's going to take a really, really low score because everybody is shooting good scores here. This course, you know, this is not a Valderrama. This course, it's allowing you to make lots of birdies and unfortunately even if you shoot 7-under, it's probably not good enough.

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