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October 14, 2017

Sergio Garcia Austin Connelly

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. Did you remember taking that picture with Austin?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, obviously this morning when I saw Thomas, Captain, Tweeted, I was trying to kind of think about it but obviously it was 18 years ago. So it was a long way back. We were just chatting about it. Also, I have a picture with Rickie Fowler at the Skins Game in, I think it was 1992 and I think he's carrying the scoreboard or something and he was in my group.

You know, just funny moments, but great moments to have. I was telling him, too, that I have a picture with Bernhard Langer when I was like four at El Saler, so beautiful to have those things kind of happen again.

Q. You've had a frustrating day on the golf course but also a massively enjoyable one playing with the Masters Champion and a hero of yours?
AUSTIN CONNELLY: Yeah, absolutely. Really enjoyed the company today. It was definitely a rough day out there. Didn't play my best and didn't hole very many putts. But the good news is we're playing this weekend and had a very enjoyable round today, which is just really spectacular that I was able to play with Sergio today.

Q. What about your game today, Sergio? Again, not a great day on the links.
SERGIO GARCÍA: I obviously didn't play as well as the first to days. I didn't feel quite as smooth as the first two days. I definitely felt like I should have shot better but it was one of those days where nothing wanted to happen.

Three or four putts didn't look like they wanted to go in; they didn't go in. A couple of shots that, I don't know, like on nine, for example, I had a little branch next to my ball and I was hoping it was going to come out normal and it came out way right, things like that.

But at least we tried as hard as we could. We fought as much as we could. We stayed patient. It was easy to lose my calm there and shoot 2- or 3-over and feel really, really bad, but I stayed patient. Made a nice eagle on 14, I think it was, and you know, hopefully tomorrow we'll have a good one.

Q. How valuable are days like this in your development as a player to learn from guys like this?
AUSTIN CONNELLY: It's really important to learn from guys like Sergio and these rounds where you go out there and struggle and put yourself in good position. You have to learn and keep pressing on when things aren't going your way. I did that today.

I just didn't get the putts going in, and you know, it's difficult, once you start seeing some of them miss, it can be hard to see them go in, and something I think I'm going to have to improve at as a player and certainly have to get better at to shoot lower scores on the weekend.

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