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September 10, 2017

Robert MacIntyre

Los Angeles, California

Q. How are you feeling after the match?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: It was one of them games that the end result was fairly even, so the half was deserving for both of us.

Q. Any other day it would have been a good halve, but did you know what was happening out there?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I kind of realized after I saw Scott at 16 that the game was over.

Q. Did you enjoy your match?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Oh, yeah, it was brilliant. Playing Cameron for the second time, it was one of them things that you want to go over and double him up, but you can't.

Q. Your short game was outstanding:
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I didn't putt great this afternoon or this morning, today wasn't one of my best days on the green, but tee to green it's been good. Getting the mad men from Liverpool, you always got to take as many fans as you can get on your side, so it's hard out here, but it's good to have them.

Q. Overall how would you sum up your Walker Cup experience?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Unbelievable. There's not many people get the opportunity, so it's one of them things that I'll cherish and look after.

Q. What's next for you?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: That's a question. I'll go to Q-School as an amateur and 90 percent sure it's time to go in the pro ranks and try and do something out there.

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