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September 10, 2017

Maverick McNealy

Los Angeles, California

Q. What a difference two years makes.
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Yeah, I think it starts with the U.S. team getting that big trophy and that was our goal at the beginning of the week and I'm so excited to be part of the 2017 winning Walker Cup team. That's what's most important to me. I'm so glad we could win this for our team, win this for Captain Miller, and win this for the country.

Q. How much fun has this been?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: It's been unbelievable. I'll never forget this week. It's the end of my amateur career, but it means so much more than that to me, it's been incredible.

Q. What a great segue. My next question, what happens in the future?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Hopefully I keep playing some more good golf and make some birdies and win some golf tournaments. I'm starting out as I think 1,800 ranked in the world and I'm looking to move on up. So that's my new focus, my new goal. And those guys are really good, but I'm excited to see what I can do.

Q. I guess it's fair to say you won't play in another Walker Cup.

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