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September 10, 2017

Stewart Hagestad

Los Angeles, California

Q. Crazy way to see the match end. Seemed like you had it in hand, but what's your reaction to that?
STEWART HAGESTAD: Yeah, it's kind of a bummer, I knew that he was going to make that putt and as weird as this sounds, I kind of wanted to put the pressure on myself to try and make that to win the match outright. It's really unfortunate and it's never the way that you want to end a match, but that aside, it's a win for us and no pictures on the scorecard, as they say, so I'm pretty happy with the win.

Q. Well, you're probably unaware of this, but that point just clinched the Walker Cup for the United States. How does that feel?
STEWART HAGESTAD: I just got chills. Let's go celebrate with the boys.

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