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September 10, 2017

Jack Singh Brar Scott Gregory

Los Angeles, California

Q. Great point for GB&I today. Really important to get something on the board. How do you feel after that?
SCOTT GREGORY: I feel a bit pleased. Both of us hit some good shots, we hit shots at crucial moments, and yeah, both holed putts we had to hole. So I think both going into this afternoon feeling quite positive.

Q. You kept it very calm there, Jack, just comment about that drive on 16, you kept your cool on that.
JACK SINGH BRAR: Yeah, exactly. I had to hit a great drive down 16, I didn't yesterday, and I felt like I was in a better position today. And then obviously 18 was crucial. I thought they were going to make par, to be honest, or even birdie. I saw Braden's shot into 18 yesterday, so I was thinking might pull something out of the bag like that, so I just went for it. Doc obviously ripped one down, I thought I would try to get it anywhere near by his, and then I did, I put Scott in a good position and obviously he hit a world class iron shot into the last.

Q. And obviously that gives you a little bit of momentum going into the afternoon, the other scores haven't gone our way, but...
SCOTT GREGORY: We have got a big task ahead of us, but there's more points on the board than we need, so we just need to go out there and get points straight away, get up early and try and rattle them a little bit. It's not going to be easy, but it's possible.

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