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September 9, 2017

Maverick McNealy

Los Angeles, California

Q. Early stages of the match, fell behind a little bit, just talk about the come back, how you righted the ship.
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I was honestly exhausted after 10. 10 was quite an ordeal. And I didn't make a great swing on 11. And was really tired. 12 and 13 are straight uphill. And I didn't -- it's been a long week, it's been a long day, and I was grinding and I just actually watched Miracle last week, that's kind of been the inspiration for me and I just told myself, this back nine is third period hockey and I'm a hockey player, and I ground it out and fought hard and had a few opportunities coming in and the birdie on 15 was a highlight for me.

Q. Talk about that, talking about getting a little fatigued, you played about 30 holes at that point during the day. How does that sort of pump you up?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: That was huge. That was the coolest roar I've ever had in golf. And that landing area is so small and the greens are that firm, I landed mine a foot on and it almost went over the green. But when that putt snuck in and the crowd erupted around that green, it gave me chills, it was so cool. That set me up for a great tee shot on 16.

Q. Gregory had a couple of chances to pull away there as you were making the turn, 10, 11, missed a couple of short putts. Does that reenergize you a little bit or did you feel like you just got away with a couple?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I felt like I had a second chance, but then again he played a nearly flawless front nine. He was, he played, he was bogey-free, except for kind of the dicey pin we'll say on the second hole that he 3-putted. Other than that, he played absolutely flawlessly. And I just kept thinking, I'm playing solid golf, if I hang in there he might slip up a little bit and fortunately that's how it turned out.

Q. You were in the anchor match both sessions. Do you like that, do you thrive off of that?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I do, I really do. But if you want the honest answer as to why I played late it's because it gives me more time to eat. And I'm an incredibly slow eater, so I appreciate my teammates giving me that little extra time to prepare and regroup and get some food down between rounds and that was huge for me those last few holes.

Q. How do you get ready for tomorrow? Another long grind.
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I'm going to try and keep my feet horizontal as much as possible, be really efficient with everything I do tonight, and try to get to bed and know that those guys are going to come back hard tomorrow and they're all playing great, but I couldn't be more excited to tee it up tomorrow morning.

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