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September 9, 2017

Maverick McNealy

Los Angeles, California

Q. You turned it around you were 2-down after 11. What were you telling yourself?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Actually, on 10 I was walking up the fairway and I just felt exhausted, it's been a long, long week and really long day of trying golf, but actually I watched Miracle last week, and I'm a hockey player and this is third period hockey, so you got to kind of grind it out, you got to tough it out and dig deep and that's exactly what I did and I had a few opportunities coming in.

Q. The feeling of going not winning a match two years ago, now you won two today.
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Yeah, I joked with Doug this morning, I think I said this earlier that, when Doug lined it up there and we halved the hole this morning and we were dormie, that I just doubled my point total career-wise for Walker Cup. But this is big for me, I really, really wanted to play well this week, for my teammates, for my country, for Captain Miller. And it's a great start today, but there's a lot of golf left and those guys are playing awesome so we got to keep the pedal down.

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