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September 9, 2017

Braden Thornberry

Los Angeles, California

Q. He made a couple of par putts there and things didn't look that good for you. What kept you in it mentally?
BRADEN THORNBERRY: I was struggling with my speed a little bit. Throughout the day the greens were just getting so slick -- and it was kind of my fault, too, I was leaving myself above the hole every time. But he putted really well today and I was getting a little behind the eight ball there on about 13 and I told myself to just stay patient, maybe he'll make a little mistake and I can capitalize and I can throw some birdies in there, which was what I was able to do.

Q. What turned it around for you? Was there a key shot coming down the stretch?
BRADEN THORNBERRY: Not really. I hit a good wedge in there on 14, but Captain Spider came up to me a little bit and gave me a pat on the back and told me I could do it and I kind of took that and rode it.

Q. What did it feel like to strike that last 6-iron in there that tight to seal the match?
BRADEN THORNBERRY: Well, I was aiming about 10 feet, so I pushed it a little bit, but we're not going to tell anybody that. But it was fun and I'm just glad I could get the victory.

Q. You had a remarkable par on the 9th, didn't you?
BRADEN THORNBERRY: Yeah, that was probably the highlight of the day. So I pulled it left there pretty far, that was probably my worst shot day, and I tried to kind of dribble it down that hill, because the greens have been so fast, but didn't quite make it there. So had that like 20-footer to halve the hole and was able to get it in.

Q. Good read by the caddie though.

Q. He told you exactly where he wanted you to hit it.
BRADEN THORNBERRY: Oh, yeah, all the caddies, if he tells us where to hit it, we hit it there and see if it goes in.

Q. How tough was it sitting out this morning in your first Walker Cup and then having to play this afternoon waiting?
BRADEN THORNBERRY: There's negatives and positives to all that kind of stuff. But I was taking it -- obviously the guys were really nervous this morning, but I was able to see how they all worked and stuff like that, so I think overall that benefited me a little bit in this match, I kind of knew what to expect coming into it.

Q. I suppose it helps getting out first too in the singles Saturday, right?
BRADEN THORNBERRY: Yeah, I get to play both the singles matches, which is really fun and just looking forward to tomorrow.

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