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September 9, 2017

Jack Singh Brar

Los Angeles, California

Q. Really well played, you must be delighted two wins and a great start for you.
JACK SINGH BRAR: It was an incredible start, obviously you couldn't have asked for much better. Played pretty solid all day, Scott played excellent this morning, so I holed a few crucial putts here and there, but I think he definitely did the bulk. This afternoon I had a great start and then just kept it going.

Q. Once you get into that position obviously you had a great front nine and were 6-up and it's quite hard because you know the other guy is going to throw some stuff at you?
JACK SINGH BRAR: Yeah, it is. I was waiting for it and then, obviously, on 11, I hit front, like just off the front edge and I'm thinking, yeah, that's going to be a par for me. And he hits his just down the left and it comes in to about three foot and I was like, okay. And he goes, "Jack, I'm coming for you." That's what he said to me. And I was like, all right, all right.

Q. What hole?
JACK SINGH BRAR: On 11. I was walking down 11 that's what he said. So I thought, all right, I'll prove him wrong. And I did in the end, so...

Q. Did it upset you?
JACK SINGH BRAR: No, it didn't, I was like, all right then, let's go.

Q. So you realized you were going up against the big support, didn't you?
JACK SINGH BRAR: I did, obviously. I had to laugh about it. I could hit inside him and they would be like, Go Stewart. There was just no claps for me. But you expect that out here.

Q. Was there a particular key for you, obviously to keep your focus while all that's going on?
JACK SINGH BRAR: Obviously he hit it a bit further than me, so I was good with my irons front nine and I holed a few good putts. Down 10 I holed like a 20-footer down the hill, like 25. And then I just kept it in play. I didn't hit any wild tee shots. Just on 16, it's a bit tricky, they put the tee forward and so the bunker is 300 to fly, but you can't run out, you run out down the right side. So I tried to hit a little drive and it just caught the rough on the edge of the bunker, so I was standing on the edge of the bunker, I just hit out. And then he had to, I think he was going for the green with a low cut through the trees and went just on top of the bunker. I hit a decent shot to about 15, no, about 20 foot short and then he chipped on and missed and then just a nice little putt up the hill for me.

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