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September 9, 2017

Doug Ghim Maverick McNealy

Los Angeles, California

Q. Tell us a little bit about the match 5-up through eight holes. Where was the turning point where did things really starting to --
DOUG GHIM: We had a really solid first hole which I think even the nerves, it was a relative will easy win, just fairway, green, 2-putt and got out of there with a 1-up lead. They presented some opportunities early, we made a good putt on 3 to win the hole, and missed an opportunity on 4, but kind of got away with one with a long birdie on 5. I think it was just a culmination of not making any mistakes and just kind of putting the pressure on them first, putting the ball in the middle of the green, and making them try to win the hole coming from behind and it was good.

Q. Was this a lot like the Palmer Cup matchup that you guys played together kind of similar?
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, I mean, we didn't play the same format, but we think very similarly, so we never really conversed about shots, because we knew that we thought the same way and a lot of the time the ball ended up exactly where I was probably going to try to hit it if I did anyway and just thankful that Cap put us together and it was a pretty seamless round today.

Q. How does your philosophy change with foursomes, it's not a format you get to play that much. You mentioned four-ball you're a little more familiar with that.
DOUG GHIM: It's difficult when you have a competitor that thinks very differently, but with Maverick and I, we think very similarly when it comes to approaching a golf course, so it just felt like I was playing my own golf ball out there and I think that's the key is finding a partner that you feel seamless with and no restrictions. If you feel like you have to talk to your partner on every shot, it gets a little uncomfortable, but the fact that we trust each other really well and don't really have to second guess ourselves is really good.

Q. Did you have a chance to practice with Maverick as partners during practice this week?
DOUG GHIM: Yes, we got to play two or three rounds together. We had a feeling that we were going to be playing with each other and I even got a text at the U.S. Amateur from Maverick after some of the rounds saying, I want you as my partner. So we got a good game plan going and we got into a rhythm and each day got better and it was a good day to come out firing.

Q. Maverick, talk about the match, you got off to a quick lead, 5-up through eight holes and then sort of, I don't want to say cruised in from there, but they never really got beyond three, so what was the key today?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: So Doug and I had a really good plan coming into this week, we did our homework on the golf course and figured out that the odd and even setup that we had worked out really well and kept us in a good rhythm. Doug made some great putts early. Getting that ball in the fairway on 1 was huge for us. No. 2, clutch par putt. And then the putt on 3 really got us going. 5 was a bonus for us. I think the best putt of the day was his birdie putt on 8. So that was really huge. We made all the momentum putts we needed to early and built up a nice lead.

Q. So you talked about it was important you got the ball in the fairway on 1. Everyone talks about that first tee shot of the Walker Cup. You're a veteran of this match, so how important is that?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: Oh, I hit the first tee shot of the Walker Cup two years ago and it was howling into off the left bunkers on both sides of the green and I put Hunter right up against the lip of a pot bunker. But it sets the tone. You're either on the offense or the defense from the start and it's huge to stay patient and then, once you get it going, you got to keep the pedal down.

Q. You talked about, you mentioned odds and evens working out well. So that was strategic, you knew going in which one was going to go on each hole?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: We played two rounds each way and we averaged about five or six shots better with this setup than the other way. And I think it just keeps us in a good rhythm. It plays to our strengths and we did really well today.

Q. Foursomes is a format that you enjoy playing since you don't get to do it much?
MAVERICK MCNEALY: I love it. I grew up playing ice hockey and I always grew up playing on a team and you're playing as a team, which is something you don't do very often, so I love it.

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