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September 9, 2017

Scott Gregory Jack Singh Brar

Los Angeles, California

Q. What was the key for you today?
SCOTT GREGORY: I think just good grinding. Hit a couple of loose shoots each, but we managed to stick in the holes and make the most of the shots that we had, and if we got in a sticky situation I think we got out of it quite well.

Q. That's a balance of a partnership then.
JACK SINGH BRAR: Exactly. I would say Scotty definitely played the better out of the two, I holed a couple of crucial putts. You just got to work as a team and hopefully just play better than them.

Q. It has to give you a bit of confidence getting off to a good start.
SCOTT GREGORY: Definitely. Both starting off first Walker Cup match to get a win is huge.

JACK SINGH BRAR: I was hoping you didn't leave me that three-footer or something down the last to win the match, but, yeah, I mean, it was an enjoyable morning and hopefully we can keep the momentum going.

Q. Obviously a good atmosphere, good attendance.
JACK SINGH BRAR: It's great. I never played -- Scott has -- but I never played in a crowd like this. It's awesome. It was new to me, but I enjoyed it.

Q. There's a bit of GB&I support out there as well.
SCOTT GREGORY: We have got some family and friends on there, right on the edge of the greens. So it's good to hear them clap. Obviously, it's not quite as loud as when the Americans hole putts, but if we can just keep pounding them in on top of them, then we're going to get a few cheers eventually.

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