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September 9, 2017

Connor Syme Paul McBride

Los Angeles, California

Q. 3&2 victory for you two guys. Knowing that first match went so big for the Americans, how important was it for you guys to get that full point, knowing what happened earlier.
CONNOR SYME: I think what Paul was saying was, well, we're out to try and win our point regardless. It probably was -- obviously, seeing the guys lose early, I think our job was to try and win. We got up nice 4-up or something like that, but we never let it slip, I wasn't even thinking how many holes were left, we were keeping the foot to the floor and, yeah, it was good to finish with a nice putt there to win 3&2.

Q. Speaking of the bogey here, best bogey you've ever seen in your life, considering the circumstances?
PAUL MCBRIDE: One of them. I didn't really do much on the hole. Connor holed the putt. I told him, go on and hole it and give it a big fist pump and that's what he did. So that was really nice.

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