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September 9, 2017

Connor Syme Paul McBride

Los Angeles, California

Q. Paul, explain what happened there on the last hole.
PAUL MCBRIDE: Well thanks.


I had a shot, I could have hit a high fade 5-iron 198 and I was thinking just knock it on the green and go from there and win the match pretty much we felt like that. I just caught it a hair thin out of the bunker and it just clipped the grass in front of me. So bad decision, something we won't do again.

CONNOR SYME: We got away with it, so. It happens. It's one of them, it could come off perfect and be on the green. But that sort of stuff happens. It was the only real mistake we made.

PAUL MCBRIDE: Only one hole.

CONNOR SYME: Exactly. So it shows how solid we played.

Q. Alfie and Harry losing the first match, how important was it to get the first point on the board for GB&I?
CONNOR SYME: Yeah, obviously it's good to get off to a good start for us, after they lost early. But like I said, it doesn't matter where they lose, really, it's a loss and it definitely inspired us a little bit to try and get the job done for us as well.

Q. As the match went on, the crowds were getting bigger, the atmosphere was going well. How did it feel to play in that atmosphere?
PAUL MCBRIDE: It was different. I think you played The Open this year so maybe you experienced a bit more. But it was definitely different than what I've played. Especially on 15 there, it was two deep all the way around the green.

CONNOR SYME: We were saying as well it was like this is what we have practiced for, for a couple years. And I said, this is class, this is what you --

PAUL MCBRIDE: Your wedge on 14 --

CONNOR SYME: It's just, we're just having fun. That's it.

Q. What do you put your round down to today?
CONNOR SYME: Solid golf.

PAUL MCBRIDE: Fairways and greens.

CONNOR SYME: Just try and give them nothing.

Q. You said you played really well in practice, was this just a continuation of what you did in practice?
CONNOR SYME: We just tried to give them nothing, didn't we. That was what -- and they only won one hole on us and they had to make birdie for it. We played pretty solid. That was probably one of our only real mistakes out of the bunker.

PAUL MCBRIDE: I just made a terrible decision. I just should have hit a wedge out and gone from there.

CONNOR SYME: But we spoke about it and we didn't get ahead of ourselves there. It was like, they have still got to do work there to make four and all we can do is make five, and if it's good enough to halve the hole, then great, and it was, so job done.

Q. What makes you such a good team then?
PAUL MCBRIDE: In the practice we just played solid. We didn't -- like we said to each other going around, we're just flat. We couldn't get going. But we weren't making any mistakes. And today we just, I don't know, we hit the ball similar length, so it was easy to like club each other. And just being able to kind of see reads on the greens, we read greens very similar and we putted really well today. I don't know, we just get on very well, too.

Q. First time you played in a competition?
CONNOR SYME: No, this is the first time. We played a few times together, so obviously we got on well off the course, which definitely helps, and I guess that showed today that we're a good team together.

Q. How important after the first match to get a point on the board?
PAUL MCBRIDE: Yeah, like that sort of stuff happens. It's match play and it's the same as losing on the last, it doesn't matter on the score. So it's just a point to them and we obviously got one back and now hopefully the other boys pull through on the back end as well.

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