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September 9, 2017

Collin Morikawa Norman Xiong

Los Angeles, California

Q. Were you drinking something last night?
NORMAN XIONG: No, I think we just hit really good shots and didn't miss too many. Made a lot of putts. And things just went our way. Played great golf.

COLLIN MORIKAWA: Big thing for this course is to just keep it in the fairway and we were able to do that for the most part and when he missed the fairway on 10 we got a little lucky with them hitting in the rough, so we made some putts at the beginning, we had some good shots and just can't let down, because you never know what's going to happen.

Q. Collin, that 6-iron you hit into the second hole, did you feel like that set the tone for the way you guys were going to play?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: Yeah, one of the practice rounds the pin was back there, Norman and I, he, I hit 5-iron one of the practice rounds and we kind of hit it close. So I had a good feeling for that pin. But it's the Walker Cup and this is the real stuff, so it was a pretty good shot for the day.

Q. Everybody's talking about the depth of that rough even though it's not deep it's so tough because the ball just sits down at the bottom of the Bermuda. That seemed to be really clear on No. 1 when they had to wedge out there. How big a lift was it for you to start off and go 1-up, right away?
NORMAN XIONG: It's a big advantage. 1, you could get it close and make 3 or you're going to be struggling for par, depending where you hit your drive. So all I thought about was hitting, putting him in the fairway because I knew he would hit a good shot in.

Q. Did you talk about, when you went 4-up, did you say, let's not be complacent, let's keep the foot down and keep going, because 18-hole match play, anything can happen. Did you chat about that?
NORMAN XIONG: Not really. I think we were just staying in the moment, hitting one shot after another and we just did what we did in the practice round and we were really comfortable with each other. So we were just having fun out there.

COLLIN MORIKAWA: It's really easy to play with Norman and when you hit good shots it's a lot easier.

Q. So last night when you went to bed I'm sure you thought about the match, you thought about who you were playing, and in your sort of best case scenario, how did you envision the match going, because I know you didn't envision this.
COLLIN MORIKAWA: It's match play, you never know what's going to happen. Those guys can come out hot, we can come out hot, we can all be making bogeys and tying the hole for even. So you don't really know what to expect, other than it's one hole. It's match play. So I think we came out with a good mindset and bring it on for the rest of the week.

Q. Norman, it seemed like you had control of your short irons right from the start, you almost holed that one at the third. It seemed like you were right on the number all the way around.
NORMAN XIONG: When you're in the fairway it's pretty easy to hit within a good area, so I mean, you just got to stay out of the rough and it's pretty scorable course when you're in the fairway.

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