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September 1, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Could we get some comments on your round?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, great round. Conditions were tough out there. Greens got quite firm, faster than yesterday in the Pro-Am. The windy conditions were difficult. It was very gusty, changing directions all the time. So it was extremely difficult to pick the right clubs at all times.

So I was very happy to see that I hit a lot of good shots, a lot of good putts. Made some nice putts here and there early on. And the ones that I didn't make, they looked like they were going to go in. So a lot of positives from it.

Q. On a couple of putts you left short, was it because the greens are so fast, and you don't want to see it three, four, five feet going by?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, the one on 4 and the one on 6, they are kind of tricky putts because they are a little bit like -- a little bit up and over the hill and it feels like, you know, if I hit it a little bit too hard, obviously you're going to hit it through the break. Yeah, you can leave yourself a three- or four-footer; they are never fun to putt.

The one on 5, unfortunately I just didn't hit it hard enough; a little bit up that hill. Yeah, you are trying to do the best you can.

I thought the one on 4 was going to get to the hole. I don't know how it stopped short.

The one on 6, it looked like it was struggling all the way. You know, at the end of the day, most important thing for me is to keep hitting good putts and I know that if I do that, I'm definitely going to make some because I usually read the greens fairly well.

Q. What is the goal right now? Is THE TOUR Championship a big goal for you?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. I think getting to THE TOUR Championship is always -- it kind of always shows you that you've had a great year.

Yeah, if we can secure that as quickly as possible, it would be great, hopefully this week. You know, it's already been a great year, for sure. But it would be nice to get to Atlanta again and play there and you know, hopefully make it an even better one.

Q. Six birdies is a good start for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, too.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. I would love to make nine or ten, but six was pretty good, I think on the conditions we played in the afternoon. Hopefully we can keep adding throughout the days and throughout the weeks and help as much as we can.

Q. You and Angela got pretty close friends in Houston?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, she has family there, and friends. Yeah, it is sad. It is amazing what's happened there.

You know, we're going to try to help in the little way we can, and you know, see if they can recover as quickly as possible.

Q. What did you have on 9 off the tee?
SERGIO GARCIA: Probably 112 yards (laughing). Yeah, it was the worst shot I made all day.

Obviously I quit on it and that's what happens. You know, I didn't want to lose it right because the wind was off the left and I was trying to hit like a power little cut and quit on it. Hands got all over the ball and --

Q. Where did it go?
SERGIO GARCIA: I hit it way left and actually got lucky because it hit the tree. It hit one of the trees and came back. I probably had 300 yards to the hole with a big dogleg from the rough. I hit a 52-degree from there to lay-up just right of the bunker, the left bunker. Then I had 128 yards to the hole.

So I hit a really good wedge to about 12 feet and made that. So that was a really nice par. That's a nice par to finish with.

Q. What was the biggest reason for your success on your front side, on the back?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it's quite simple. It was a lot of good shots and a lot of good putts. You know, I hit it close on 10, 11. 12, I hit a great shot. Just ran it through the green with a 3-iron.

13, I made a good putt there.

14 was probably the worst, other than the drive on the last was the worst shot I hit with the 8-iron.

But then on 15, I hit it to three feet.

16, I made a good putt.

18, I hit a good shot. Unfortunately it went over the back, and got up-and-down.

Yeah, obviously played nicely under the conditions and rolled some good putts in. So that always helps.

Q. You don't usually play New York. Is that just for the extra time?
SERGIO GARCIA: I mean, I'm 37, I'm not going to lie -- you don't play New York, either. You don't play this week. (Laughter).

But I mean, through my experiences, I know that towards the end of the year, if I play too much, then I pay for it at the beginning of the next year. And then if you don't play well the beginning of the year, then you're kind of dragging the whole year round.

Unfortunately I've got to skip some here and there. Unfortunately New York is the one that it's been lately. I mean, I do enjoy playing there. But unfortunately, it's the way it is, and I've got some tournaments coming up after this, like six after Atlanta.

So you know, got to cut somewhere and unfortunately it's New York.

Q. Do you look forward to a chance for there to only be three Playoff events?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely, and earlier. So that way we can have a little more of a break. For us, we play both European and PGA TOUR; it's a lot of traveling. It's a lot of tournaments, and like I said, I'm not 25 anymore, and the body obviously feels it when I'm doing all the traveling and playing around the world.

So I mean, I love it, but at the same time, I have to be very careful with the way I schedule my year.

Q. Are you going to do Dubai?

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