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August 17, 2017

Brian Campbell

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. One 3-putt I guess?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: 3-putt from 18 feet. I think I was feeling hot, just rammed it by and hit a bad 4-footer. But, other than that, really just a solid day. Nothing spectacular.

I did hit a lot of missed shots but they were all where they needed to go and definitely the putter was there. Just managed the speed well on these greens. They're very fast downhill. And they kept going in. Just the more you make the more you make.

Q. You guys already booked for the Finals? Things can change.
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I think that's the way you should do it. Prepare for the worse and if we have to change our flights, then that's a good thing.

Q. I guess that last hole, back-9, nice one to finish up with.
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Yeah. Just, you know, kind of honestly skanked a 3-wood out there. My misses today were all where I wanted them to go in the fairway. Left myself above the hole.

We knew we just wanted to give ourselves a chance from behind the hole. Very, very fast from behind that pin. We were just looking to leave it a foot by the hole if we could and it just happened to read it well and go in.

Q. Because of the week, did this Thursday feel any different than any other Thursday?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Because of the week?

Q. Like the last week before where --
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Maybe a little bit more fire in me but really I just kind of take each week as it comes. I'm constantly just trying to make myself better, not really worried about what month it is or anything like that.

Q. What's the hardest part of being a rookie out here?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I think it's getting the reps to see the courses. You have to fight to get there early, fight to get -- you know, you can play Monday, there's usually a Monday Pro-Am. Tuesday is usually the grind day. Wednesday you can't play so you really got -- veterans out here can just show up Tuesday, Wednesday, all relaxed, know what they're going to do on the course and go and play. We have to kind of map it out a little bit.

Q. I think Kisner played today. He didn't play all week, just showed up.
BRIAN CAMPBELL: He's been playing pretty decent.

Q. That's the hardest thing, kind of getting access?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I actually played in the Footjoy Invitational, AJGA awhile back. I think that honestly helped me a little more feeling a little more comfortable on the course.

Q. Do any good with Footjoy?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: No. The AJGA Invitationals were not friendly to me. Put it that way.

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