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July 6, 2017

Brooke Pancake

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Congratulations on your 5-under. What was working well for you today?
BROOKE PANCAKE: I was putting really well. Gave myself a lot of opportunities. I wouldn't say I was hitting it great off the tee but I kind of made up for it on the greens.

Q. What are your thoughts, you've played a couple practice rounds here at Thornberry. What's your overall thoughts on the course itself?
BROOKE PANCAKE: I love this golf course. Obviously I love this golf course. I'm excited to play the next few days. It kind of reminds me of being back home.

The fairways are a little bit more forgiving on the tee shots but you can -- if you hit your irons well and you're putting really well, you can get a low score. So I like the golf courses that reward you for playing well.

Q. What's your best finish this year?
BROOKE PANCAKE: Not so great. Probably like 30th, so I'm definitely looking for a great run this week.

Q. Does it mean anything to you that no back-to-back American was won in two years, and hey, we have a chance with a couple Americans at the top of the scoreboard?
BROOKE PANCAKE: Heck, yeah. I mean, I want my first win, so if it makes back-to-back American wins, that means it's even better. So I am excited, yeah.

Q. I know you played the front nine last today, but the closing on Saturday and Sunday, the long par 3, 17, and an uphill par 4, do you expect excitement for those two holes?
BROOKE PANCAKE: Definitely. Definitely with 17, I'm imagining probably like some back pin there. Visually it's just a hard hole when you've got the trees kind of hanging over on that side and it just shoots you to the left. You'll probably see a fair bit of players that are in that left bunker over there on the side.

And 18, really just comes down to a good tee shot on 18.

Q. Is it kind of blind for you? I know when I'm playing it, I'm blind looking up the hill.
BROOKE PANCAKE: It is pretty blind and it definitely depends on where you are. Luckily I think with where our tee shots go, we can get up over that mound that's pretty level with the left bunker.

So you can kind of still see the flagstick, so it's not completely blind, but if you miss your drive left, I'm sure it's pretty blind, so, yeah.

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