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June 25, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Munich, Germany

Q. Sum up your week this week.
SERGIO GARCIA: It was a good week. Obviously fell just short. You know, I felt like I played well enough to win for sure. Obviously a couple of missed putts here and there today, and some really good putts that didn't want to go in. So it was difficult to get anything going. And then you know, unfortunately that chip looked pretty good but it just missed on the right side.

You have to give credit to Andres. With no status, he's neither here on The European Tour or the PGA TOUR; to go out and shoot 65 today, I'm happy for him and we'll just keep trying.

Q. Are there lots of things looking good in the game that you can take away from this week?
SERGIO GARCIA: Of course. Any time you have a chance of winning, there's a lot of good things. I think that there were a lot of good ones there. Just got to keep working hard and keep putting myself in these kind of situations.

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