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June 24, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Munich, Germany

Q. Thoughts on the 67?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, I think it was a good, solid day. Obviously a couple little putts there at the end that looked like they were going to go in and didn't, but overall, I felt like I played nicely. It was still a little bit breezy, so it wasn't that easy, and these greens get tricky in the afternoon. So I'm definitely very happy, very pleased with the round.

Q. Some exceptional ball-striking from you today. None more so than the ninth hole, drive and a 6-iron. How do you do that?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I hit -- 9 and 18, I hit two really good drives. Probably the best drives I've hit all week. But it was very tricky, because like the 6-iron, I hit it perfectly and the wind was supposed to be off the left helping a little bit and it kind of switched on us and we ended up having to make a good 2-putt. That's what made it tough today, and you know, we tried to handle it the best way possible.

Q. Since you slipped on green jacket, do you feel a better player?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't think so. I think obviously have a little more confidence but I don't think I'm a better player than I was before, before I won the green jacket. I've been fortunate enough to do many, many good things throughout my career before that, and you know, it hasn't changed.

Q. How is the back?
SERGIO GARCIA: I'd love it to be a little bit better obviously. The good thing is it doesn't hurt me for the most part when I swing, which is great, but I do feel it as the day goes on from walking and going down and you know kind of kneeling down and getting up and stuff like that. It gets a little bit sore.

Q. Tomorrow, do you set a target or grip it and rip it?
SERGIO GARCIA: More of the same. Just try to play solid like I've been playing every day, shoot another good score and see where that puts us.

Q. How was that out there for you?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was a good day. It wasn't that easy out there. It was still quite windy and the greens in the afternoon, they get tricky to putt on. Thankfully there was less traffic today so they rolled a little bit better. It was a good day overall, and pleased where we're at.

Q. Seven birdies for you, that's excellent, and only two bogeys, 4 and 14. What went wrong on these holes?
SERGIO GARCIA: Just missed the par putt. Simple as that. 4, I hit a really good second shot and unfortunately the wind changed and hit the bank and went in the water. Made a good five.

14, I hit a good second shot in the middle of the green and unfortunately hit it a little bit too hard with my first putt and 3-putted. As simple as that.

Q. Still in a very good position for winning the tournament. How are you going to prepare? Do you go to the range or putting green and practice, or do you just relax since you have some back pain?
SERGIO GARCIA: Just relax, go to the physios and kind of work a little on the back and make sure that it's taken care of so it's in good shape for tomorrow. So that's all we can do.

Q. 67 in round three, how do you feel?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's nice, but it doesn't mean that it's finished. Still we have a long day tomorrow. We've got to go out there, play well again, and you know, see if we can pull it off.

Q. Did you need to take a painkilling tablet because of your back pain?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, unfortunately, I've been taking them all week. You know, that's the way it is. It's okay. It's holding on fairly well for the most part. It gets a little sore as the day goes on. But go to the physios and get it worked on again.

Q. Pleased with that today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, definitely. It was a good, solid day. I think that I played quite nicely for the most part and rolled a couple of nice putts in here and there, which is not that simple in the afternoon. So overall, yeah, I'm happy. Would have been nice to make that last one that looked like it was going to go in and didn't want to drop. But overall, it was a good, solid day.

Q. Is there a target tomorrow and what's the game plan?
SERGIO GARCIA: A target, it's one better than where we finished the second. It's as simple as that. No, just do more of the same. Try to keep being aggressive like I've been, play as solid as I can, and you know, shoot the best score possible and see if that's good enough.

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