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June 23, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Munich, Germany

Q. How would you take that round?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, to be honest, obviously it was much tougher today with the wind very gusty out there. The greens in the afternoon, after all the traffic, they weren't very good. So it was difficult to make putts. But overall, I felt like I played quite solid throughout the whole day. Just a couple little mistakes here and there. Other than that, I felt like it was a solid round. I would have loved it to be 4- or 5-under which I think I could have done quite easily but you know, it was a little bit tricky out there today.

Q. The putts coming up short, is that the case because you didn't have a tricky one back?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, it's much simpler. The greens are bumpy and they are much slower than last week. It is difficult when you come from fast greens at the U.S. Open and the greens are not smooth in the afternoon. Obviously it's tougher to get it to the hole sometimes. You're trying to put a good stroke on it. You don't want to get out of rhythm, and unfortunately, you know, four or five putts came up a little bit short.

Q. Not a very nice lie on the 18th but a great shot in and the second shot.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I hit a good drive. Thought it might have had a chance of staying in the fairway. The lie was okay. It was decent. A little bit of a fire lie. I hit a really nice 8-iron to the middle of the green and 2-putted for birdie. So at least it makes the dinner taste a little bit better.

Q. Not the sort of thing you think about, but maybe playing with Henrik tomorrow, looking forward to that?
SERGIO GARCIA: Always. Henrik is a great friend and a great player and we've played together many times. So if it happens, it will be awesome, and if not, I'm sure whoever I play with, he will be great, too.

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